Libertarian Party Urging Justin Amash to Run for President as a Third Party

Libertarian Party leadership is now urging Justin Amash to run for President and make a third party challenge to the sitting President, Trump.

According to Roll Call, the Michigan Republican told his hometown paper that while he would not “rule out” a bid, he has not completely “thought through” his plans.

“There’s a lot of people who consider Amash to be the best congressman from the perspective of a Libertarian,” Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark told MLive. “They think he’s the best congressman for our goals since Ron Paul.”

Every day this reality gets closer and closer to happening. When asked in January at a Libertarian convention to describe the ideal third-party presidential candidate, Amash referred to himself.

He is poised to make the biggest third party challenge to the two major parties since Ross Perot in the early 1990’s. Amash has the political name recognition and the wits to challenge the establishment. His experience in Congress speaks for itself.

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