Unconstitutional Gun Grab on the Verge of Happening in Colorado

In Colorado the rights of citizens is about to get a slap right in the face with the passage of the so called Red Flag Bill by both chambers of the state legislature with the Governor expected to sign it into law.

From Fox 31 News in Denver:

DENVER — The Colorado Senate passed the controversial “red flag” bill that would allow guns to be seized from people who are determined by a court to pose a significant risk to themselves or others.

The Senate passed the measure, creating extreme risk protection orders, 18-17 on Thursday. It will now go back to the House, which has already approved it, to consider Senate amendments.

Voting against the measure was Senate President Leroy Garcia, the top Democrat in the chamber. All Senate Republicans voted against it.

Since the measure already passed the House, the bill is expected to be acted upon swiftly.

Gov. Jared Polis has signaled his support for the bill.


The agenda of the authoritarians has taken hold in the state of Colorado and this is the biggest step yet. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is fundamental in the American political sphere, but politicians in Denver, CO seem to have no care in the world for the sanctity of the Constitution.

What we have now is a government that can deem anyone a significant risk to themselves or others and have their guns seized. What we are about to witness is anyone that has a problem with the government in Colorado is opening themselves up to the seizure of their Constitutional property.

The Democrats took control of the state of Colorado in the November elections this past year and they are going for the jugular by enacting a law in a state that is known for their loose gun laws. This is a western state that has historically encouraged open carry laws and concealed weapons laws.

There are numerous sheriffs in Colorado that have already said they will not enforce this law due to the danger it will put them in, plus the defense of the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution is foreign to many on the left and some on the right. This is a huge power grab for the government in Colorado and it puts everyone at risk that is a law abiding citizen. I would encourage everyone to call the Governors office in Colorado and demand he veto the attack on the Constitution.

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  1. The politicians who vote for this crap have violated their oaths and betrayed the people. They should be removed from office-violently if necessary. I suggest an angry mob brandishing bowling pins – so that their next legislation is an attempt to ban all blunt objects.


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