Colorado County Becomes 2nd Amendment Preservation County

The idea of protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens is gaining force across the country. In the state of Colorado, El Paso County became the first Colorado County to declare themselves a 2nd Amendment preservation county.

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

El Paso County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday declaring the county a “Second Amendment preservation county,” cementing their opposition to a red flag gun bill in the Legislature.

House Bill 1177 would allow temporary seizure of guns from people whom a court deems to be a risk to themselves or others.

But commissioners say it wouldn’t address mental health issues often at the root of gun violence, and it violates people’s constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms and the right to due process.

“I’m saddened that, as a local elected official, I’m even faced with a resolution to affirm a right that was guaranteed in our Constitution,” Commissioner Cami Bremer said. “I honestly believe that this bill was crafted by well-meaning people, but that does not make it a good bill.”

In the resolution, commissioners demand “that the Legislature cease and desist any further actions restricting the Second Amendment rights of citizens” and threaten legal action if the law is enacted. The resolution also says commissioners will not “appropriate funds, resources, employees or agencies to initiate unconstitutional seizures in unincorporated El Paso County.”

The rights of the citizen to keep and bear arms is one of the most essential Liberties that we have in this country. Protecting ourselves against tyrannical governments is the key fundamental in a free society.

This is a trend that will spread across this country to ensure that gun rights are preserved against Liberal legislatures that have introduced bills to grab guns.

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  1. Americans hate freedom with passion.

    Not only do Americans want to live in a police state, Americans want the Gestapo to be immune from the law and scream that Americans who attack the Gestapo must get the death penalty.


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