Trump Administration Balloons Federal Deficit 77% From Last Year

The biggest problem in American Politics just reared its ugly head. When you cut taxes you should probably cut spending as well. However, most Republican leadership doesn’t usually realize what they are doing and preach this big game over and over again when it comes to federal spending and how it needs to be reigned in. They get into office and cut taxes but ignore the other side of the equation and at the end of the day the American taxpayer foots the bill for higher debt.

From NBC News:

WASHINGTON — The federal government recorded a budget surplus in January. But so far this budget year, the total deficit is 77 percent higher than the same period a year ago.

The Treasury Department said Tuesday that the deficit for the first four months of this budget year, which began Oct. 1, totaled $310.3 billion. That’s up from a deficit of $175.7 billion in the same period a year ago. The surplus in January was $8.7 billion.

The higher deficit reflected greater spending in areas such as Social Security, defense and interest payments on the national debt. Meanwhile, the government collected lower taxes from individuals and corporations, reflecting the impact of the $1.5 trillion tax cut President Donald Trump pushed through Congress in 2017.

Individual income taxes withheld from paychecks total $818 billion for the October-January period, down 3 percent from the same period last year. Corporate income taxes total $73 billion over the four-month period, down 23 percent.

Revenue, however, is up is in tariffs — border taxes collected on imports — which totaled $25 billion in the October-January period, up 91 percent from the same period a year ago. This reflects the higher tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on China and other nations in various trade disputes.

This is a problem that Congress and the President need to get under control. Too long has the federal government negated this problem and left it to future Congress’ and Presidents. We have no real leadership in Washington and this issue goes untouched.

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  1. The future looks grim.

    How could Americans who hated Communism become Communists?

    How can Americans say that they love the free market and then turn around and say that they hate free trade?

    Libertarians might think Americans must be awake since the news carries constant stories about wars, debt, and tyranny, but you might be surprised to find that actually Americans are idiots and are living in a bubble.

    Some Americans may have heard about NSA wiretapping, but they may not know about no-knock raids. Americans are not connecting the dots. Americans today have tunnel vision and are too distracted, divided, depraved, degraded, and immoral.

    Americans do not know what is happening or what to do, and no one says a word.

    Many Americans will tell you that defeating Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea would be easy, debt doesn’t need to be paid back, and that the USA is a free country.

    Americans scream people will starve to death without food stamps, but what did Americans do in 1920?

    Can the US government just make a decree that the USA cannot go bankrupt? Did printing money make Zimbabwe rich? Did debt work out well for Rome?

    Americans justify every decree by saying laws enacted in one place could never possibly expand to another state.

    Do you think TSA groping doesn’t happen?

    Will you shrug when the government decrees that every American 21 and under must get their thumbs amputated because you won’t be affected?

    Are seatbelt checkpoints just fake news?

    Will you chuckle when your friend gets shot in the back by the FBI?

    Now that the US is a police state, maybe Americans should react to tyranny.

    The US government is a force of evil.

    If you pay taxes now then you are no different than the elites pushing wars, debt, and tyranny, politicians who write laws enslaving Americans, the Gestapo enforcing decrees, and the soldiers who are conducting the US wars.

    Security cameras that go up, must come down.

    Government workers that go to work should worry if they will come home at night.

    When guns are banned, Americans might drive trucks into government buildings.

    Staying alive is natural, but every minute Americans wait to resist strengthens tyranny. Americans must make sacrifices, risk being arrested, and risk death. If Americans surrender then they should just jump into the ovens.

    Concentration camps, the Cultural Revolution, and the killing fields were real and history is repeating itself.

    Will you say that resisted tyranny or will you say that you stayed quiet?

    Americans need to dropout, go Galt, leave the USA, become anonymous, and lay low soon. Be mobile and don’t stick around one place long because people talk. You can’t be the dumb foreigner if you stay in one place for 20 years.

    Soon cash will be banned and microchips will be sewn into clothes and you’ll need to have a microchip implant to travel, get a bank account, go to the doctor, work, or go school.

    After Americans are starved and killed in the concentration camps, the elites will use robots to do the labor.

    Everybody dies, but what kind of life is this?


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