Why I Am A Proud Libertarian

My journey to Libertarianism started by growing up in a house where one parent was a Democrat and another was a Republican. When it came to politics it was interesting, to say the least hearing about the issues and seeing my parents bicker back and forth. It makes sense that I would take portions of both political parties and mold myself into a Libertarian activist.

So, why am I a Libertarian?

The answer is plain and simple. I believe in Liberty and Freedom and make it my mission to advance these principles.

I believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

Consequently, I defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.

I reject the notion that this country is run by two political parties. The tyranny of the majority has taken this country down a dark path of totalitarian control and it is the job of Liberty minded people to steer it back toward the light of freedom.

This is why I am a Libertarian. #UnapologeticallyLibertarian

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  1. Yes, and that is why I believe in most all Libertarian policies. But why is it that Ron Paul, Rand Paul and all the other politicians run on the GOP ticket? What is is about the Libertarian party that anyone with any name recognition and any substantial backing avoids the Libertarian party and runs as a Libertains leaning Republican.

    Could it be the reputation the Libertarians have? That the first thing someone says to me is “far out man love the Libertarians” with the dopers attitude when its said? Even Fox news jokes about the Libertarians and the first thing that comes out of many mouths is marijuana and wracked out minds.

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    • I am among the people that accept the label “libertarian”. I reject that the idea that we are dopers or hedonists that have no value for conservative behaviors. Its up to you and me to dispel these. Its hard enough that I have tried to bring it up to the “FreeKeene” bunch that their insistence of having the “marginal freakshow” for their representatives, its also hard that people fail to see the normal people that live within the framework of libertarianism.


      • And another issue that I believe harms the Libertarian movement is the same thing that is harming the major parties. That being so many on the fringes of party politics that the moderates are turned off. That was the genius of Ronald Reagan and his ability to attract so many democrats. Libertarians need to nominate someone willing to “accept 70%-89% now and work to get 100% later”. I suspect many more moderates might oay attention.

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    • I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s in a california Democrat household before the dems were off the wall liberals. Then Johnson came along and got us into Viet Nam and that is when I learned that government only screwed things up and did not fix anything. Became a republican. Along comes 43, increases the debt substantially, gets us into a war that should never have happened and then only party that believed in small government was the Libertarians.

      But the Libertarians today do not seem to actually want to be a major force. They seem to wait until the last minute for a convention, gather around to drink and party ( and as many believe smoke dope and get high), nominate an obscure candidate that has little hope of winning. close up shop, go home, give little support to the candidate and wonder why they get less than 10% of the vote during any election.

      I get bombarded with social media stuff daily from the democrats and republicans after I click on some link to read information. This never happens with the L party. It cost little compared to other means to distribute information through the internet.

      Why are they not active today promoting small government, individual freedoms and non interventional policies that many Americans support through social media like the other major parties?


  2. Even though they are right about this issue, drug legalization is an inflammatory subject among some people. I like their position on the tax issue, the marriage issue, foreign policy matters, education and ending the war on drugs.


  3. Voting cannot fix the US now. All that can save the USA is a violent revolution.

    Trump may or may not be part of the establishment, but the 1% can easily make Trump dance if the elites want him to. The ruling powers control the government and the media.

    Since everything is illegal, how can you drain the swamp if firing corrupt officials is against the law?

    The Deep State has a black budget and can torture, drug, blackmail, and threaten a president and his family.

    The shadow government can intercept the letters, emails, and phone calls of the president.

    The ruling powers can forge presidential letters that threaten wars against foreign countries.

    The Deep State can bribe and threaten workers to disobey presidential orders.

    The elites can make up, insinuate, or use real evidence to smear people by running stories about how someone is a foreign spy, junkie, drunk, or homosexual.

    The 1% can find real or fake victims and persuade the victims to sue the president.

    The Deep State can find or download child porn onto computers used by the president.

    The Deep State could say that the president is a tax cheat.

    The media could run stories claiming that the president is mentally ill.

    Even if the Deep State didn’t lie or find dirt on someone, the elites could run stories about a family member, employer, friend, or neighbor who was involved in a scandal.

    The only people who can become president now are billionaires or people paid off by the elites because elections cost money. The wealthy would rather hire a puppet because the rich don’t want to become a target.

    The US is past the point return.

    Americans should go Galt, dropout, become mobile, and go underground today. Anyone who has a house or a car becomes a target because of property taxes.

    Americans should be fanatic about promoting freedom and be obsessed with resisting.


    Make songs and art about tyranny.

    Disobey nanny state laws. Make laws unenforceable.

    When guns are banned, Americans might drive trucks and fly planes into government buildings.

    The elites can’t kill us all. There aren’t enough prisons.

    The US is no longer a democracy. Politicians, government officials, the Gestapo, and soldiers are puppets for the 1% and Americans should make traitors feel extremely uncomfortable.

    Americans shouldn’t say that they are waiting for more proof that the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state. All the lines have been crossed.

    Thinking that the elites will turn around and reduce the debt, end the wars, and restore the Bill of Rights is delusional.

    The US is going to get much worse. All that is unknown is when. Will the ruling class be able to kick the debt can down the road for another 50 years?


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