A Libertarian Solution to Fixing America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Immigration is poking its head once again thanks to President Trump and his push to build a wall on the southern border which has caused the longest government shutdown in American history.

Illegal Immigration can be a problem, but a wall isn’t the way to go anymore, not in the day and age we live in. We need different alternatives and fix the problems that we have in this country that attracts illegal immigration.

Former Congressman Ron Paul offers the best solution to this “crisis.”

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  1. What I heard him saying is the immigration laws need to be completely rewritten. I wonder if changes could happen piecemeal without comprehensive changes and if so, what impact those changes would have.

    But the real story is the benefits both parties get from the current situation. Why would they want to change it?

    Nothing changes until the “silent center” decides enough is enough and stops accepting the actions,policies and candidates the two major parties provide.


  2. WTF?

    Obeying the law is difficult when everything is illegal.

    Americans are no better than beasts and slaves now that the US is a police state. Tyranny turns people into animals.

    The government tells Americans what to wear, what to eat, where to live, what to buy, what to do, and what to think.

    Law is not justice.

    The government destroy lives. What if a genius researching cancer cures was arrested for withdrawing less than $10,000 from his own bank account and then couldn’t get a job because he has an arrest record?

    Americans who love the Gestapo today seem like rape victims who defend their rapists.

    Do Americans feel like traitors when they support tyranny?

    Do Americans think tyranny only affects other people? Do Americans believe that freedom only benefits others?

    What country is this?

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