Libertarians Clean Up Washington

With the government shutdown lasting indefinitely there is no telling when anyone would get to cleaning up the trash in our national parks.

However, the Libertarian Party proved today that you don’t need government to perform a service that ordinary free people can do on their own. The Libertarian Party organized a get together of dedicated people today to clean up the National Mall in Washington. Although the government is closed that doesn’t stop people from wanting to see the sights in D.C. and with that comes the trash they bring along with them.

Some would think that good people would pick up after themselves, but smart people know that is not the case. They have left behind their trash probably thinking someone else was going to come along and clean it up.

While the two major parties bicker back and forth about the budget and a stupid border wall, the largest third party in this country organized a clean up of their mess.

Here are some great pics of Libertarians cleaning up Washington (Photo credit Ford Fischer):

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  1. There are tentative plans to do this again Sunday January 13 the same time, and perhaps even every weekend until the shutdown ends. Announcement will be posted on the facebook pages for the Libertarian Party of Washington DC and the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia.


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