Should Austin Petersen Run for President as a Libertarian, Again?

One of the major success stories from the 2016 Presidential election in the Libertarian Party was the campaign of Austin Petersen and his direct challenge to the establishment of the party. He took on the two time Governor of New Mexico who went on to secure the parties nomination. Petersen generated a lot of curiosity and used that to his advantage as he sought the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in his home state of Missouri.

With the 2020 Presidential election gearing up the question among some in Libertarian circles is will Austin Petersen run again? Publicly he will say no and that he is now committed to the Republican Party, but there are some rumblings within that suggest a Presidential run is upon him once more.

The vast amount of supporters that Petersen has in the Liberty movement has grown since his first run and he has the potential to bring a fresh look to a field of Libertarian candidates. He now has the name recognition, the experience, and the financial backing that could make him successful in a Libertarian run for President.

The political landscape right now is not looking good for the two major parties. On the Republican side we still have Donald Trump, and the Democrats are trying to scrounge together a candidate that can breath and even try to take on the fiery rhetoric of Trump.

Millennials are starting to play a major role in elections and if Petersen decided to run he could capitalize on that major voting block. He has the appeal that many in that voting block are looking for and could turn that into a huge advantage if he were to win the Libertarian nomination.

The other major point that Petersen brings with him in a potential Libertarian run is the ability to draw in lost Republican voters. By switching over and running as a Republican in the last election he has touched more voters across the country that hadn’t heard of him before and his ideas and are now drawn into the idea of Liberty.

Petersen brings a lot to the political stage and the Libertarians would be lucky to have his ideas once again.

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  1. Whoever is the Libertarian candidate, they need to start NOW! Austin Petersen only received 8% in the vote for senate GOP primary.
    1. Fund raising!!!!
    2. Social media mass communications!!!
    3. Promotion of moderate Libertarian positions, while eliminating controversial positions and promotions from communcations unless specfically asked.
    4. Target the millenials and younger, while promoting ideals of the older generation.

    The Libertarian Party has a situation in 2020 they may find hard to duplicate in the future. A Democrat party ready to nominate a far left candidate unacceptible to even some die hard democrats and a GOP party unable or unwilling to dump Trump, someone many other than red necks and deplorables find supporting acceptable. All, looking for a moderating voice in the middle to bring the country together.


  2. Frankly, this is a golden opportunity for a pro-life, pro-First Amendment (including religious freedom) Libertarian to draw voters from Republicans who were not happy with the choice of Trump for RNC.


  3. WTF?

    Obeying the law is difficult when everything is illegal.

    Americans are no better than beasts and slaves now that the US is a police state. Tyranny turns people into animals.

    The government tells Americans what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, what to do, and what to think.

    Law is not justice.

    The government destroy lives. What if a genius researching cancer cures was arrested for withdrawing less than $10,000 from his own bank account and then couldn’t get a job because he has an arrest record?

    Americans who love the Gestapo today seem like rape victims who defend their rapists.

    Do Americans feel like traitors when they support tyranny?

    Do Americans think tyranny only affects other people? Do Americans believe that freedom only benefits others?

    What country is this?


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