The Potential Libertarian Presidential Candidates for 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election Season is fast approaching and Libertarians are wondering who will stir the ship during all the craziness that will ensue with this election.

For two elections in a row Gary Johnson was the face of the Libertarian Party and now the party faithful are looking for something different. With the many choices within the party there are a few that have either declared their candidacy or are speculated to do so.

Declared Candidates

Speculated Candidates

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    • Peterson would’ve been a near guarantee for the ’20 Libertarian nom after his showing in. ’16 , but after (once again) jumping to the Republican Party in a bid to win their Senate primary in his home state of Missouri, I’d imagine (&hope) that most party members finally see through Austin’s Libertarian charade which he perpetrates every few years.
      The truth is that while Austin holds several Libertarian beliefs, he’s truly so much more just a self-promotional, glory-hound! And while I fully concede that he’s highly media saavy, decently intelligent & mostly well-spoken in a way that quite possibly would be relatable to much of the American mainstream public (which likely was, along with Presidential polish, Gary Johnson’s two biggest shortcomings), the truth still is that Petersen’s switched to & from (as well as has been in &/or created) about 9 parties in the last 10 to 15 years & yet still, each & every time he joins, he then seeks to garner some national nomination & then is done. Frankly, I was impressed with how long (a few years, like 3 or 4), his last Libertarian stint was
      TRUTHFULLY, the greatest contribution Petersen could make or do for the Libertarian Party would be to run the campaign of someone like his friend & the former Fox news correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano or possibly someone else like Nicholas Sarwalk, who is also well-spoken, as well as very polished, likable & relatable, yet lacks publicity & a name (as well as the financing most-likely) needed to run & seriously compete on a Presidential level.
      I wish Libertarians (who mostly each live in a fantasy world of their very own) would just once come together for the sake of nominating just ONE SERIOUS CONTENDER for national office, as I highly & greatly believe that we’d go from a political joke or a consistent Presidential also-ran to an electable quotient in, nearly, no time.


  1. Mathew Wallace from Pennsylvania is going to run – he will be an instant favorite among Libertarians! Or at least a favorite of mine.


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