Time for Trump to End the Fed

I am not usually one to praise President Trump, but with the recent attacks on the federal reserve from our crazy President I can’t help but be hopeful.

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated that the U.S. Federal Reserve was raising interest rates too quickly but added that U.S. companies were “the greatest in the world” and presented a “tremendous” buying opportunity for investors.

“They’re raising interest rates too fast because they think the economy is so good. But I think that they will get it pretty soon,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, referring to the U.S. central bank.

“I have great confidence in our companies. We have companies, the greatest in the world, and they’re doing really well. They have record kinds of numbers. So I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to buy,” Trump said after speaking with U.S. troops deployed abroad via video conference.

U.S. stocks have dropped sharply in recent weeks on concerns over weaker economic growth. Trump has largely laid the blame for economic headwinds on the Fed, openly criticizing its chairman, Jerome Powell, whom he appointed

The Federal Reserve has caused many economic problems from its inception over 100 years ago. As Libertarians we have been schooled in the faulty nature of the fed by Ron Paul and his attacks on the institution.

It is time to End the Federal Reserve. Too many people have been brainwashed into believing this institution has the ability to fix the economy in times of trouble, but Trump is right. They are the root cause of the problems we face in our economy. They have unlimited power to manipulate the currency in this country and change economic policy without answering the American people.

I encourage President Trump to push for the Federal Reserve to be abolished and ended ASAP!

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