The GOP Establishment Will Always Shun Liberty Minded Candidates Like Austin Petersen


Not going to necessarily say I told you so. However, Austin Petersen is now learning the hard end of the GOP establishment and the will to shut out Liberty minded voices in their party.

From the Kansas City Star:

The Missouri Republican Party’s executive committee voted 12-1 to allow the Republican National Committee to spend money on Attorney General Josh Hawley’s behalf ahead of the state’s contested primary.

The lone dissenting vote was Jackson County Republican chair Mark Anthony Jones, who accused his fellow state party leaders of treating Hawley like the de facto nominee in the U.S. Senate race before he’s won the primary.

An RNC rule prevents the national committee from spending money on behalf of candidates in states with contested primaries without authorization from the state party.

Chris Nuelle, the Missouri Republican Party’s spokesman, said in a statement that the party had previously voted to authorize the RNC to spend on behalf of candidates in contested primaries in the past, including Sen. Roy Blunt and former Sen. Jim Talent.

This is the very reason we highly encouraged Austin Petersen to run for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian in Missouri. The two major parties can never be trusted and I know that best.

I am not speaking out of turn when I talk about this subject. I was once that dedicated, yard sign pounding, Republican golden boy. But then one day I started to think for myself and discovered a great Liberty minded Republican by the name of Ron Paul. For 8 years I saw how the GOP establishment shunned the likes of me and my other Liberty minded friends. I made the conscience decision to leave that party and join the one that I fit in wit the most.

Back when Petersen decided to run for Senate we wrote a piece encouraging him to run as a Libertarian. The GOP had their mind made up a long time ago on who they wanted to take on Claire McKaskill and Petersen was not that choice.

While we are still rooting for him at the Vindicator we know the inevitable will happen. The Establishment will get their way and then again another Liberty minded politician will get shafted by one of the two major parties.

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  1. The Republican Party stood under the oak Trees in Jackson Michigan in 1854. The first Republican President stood on the steps of the Capitol on March 3, 1861.

    The Libertarian Party’s official announcement as National political organization was pronounced on January 31, 1972 at the party’s headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. No libertarian in the Party’s own name has attained seat in the Federal Congress, nor behind the desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Following one hundred years of the Republican Party being dominated by the corrupted leadership of a Progressive Cadre, who shared their corrupted reign with the National Democratic Party, Donald J. Trump, announced his Presidential Candidacy as a member of the Republican Party on June 16, 2015.

    Donald J Trump was immediately denounced by the Progressive leadership of both major political parities, whose false narratives were championed by their fellow travelers embedded in what is was known as the ‘Major Media’.

    On the First Tuesday of November 2016, the old corrupted Progressive guard of the Republican Party were scattering to the winds.

    Trump Republicans accomplished in 17 months, that which the Libertarian Party has yet to attain.

    Trump Republicans tossed aside the corrupted Progressive cadre, who will soon to be joined by more of their kindred remnant this First Tuesday of November 2018.

    Liberty is not attained by pontificating, it requires action starting from OUR own backyards which was the Model championed by Trump Republicans.


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