Be Extraordinary

While on my campaign trail journey, I’ve noticed that many people have no idea there is an election coming up in November. While this may seem impossible to believe for those of us who live and breathe politics everyday, many of the people you see are not registered to vote, think they might be but aren’t sure, have no idea who the candidates are, have no idea where or how to register, and even think they can vote online.

Out of those people, many refuse to talk about politics, many refuse to listen about politics, many don’t care about politics at all, and they just don’t want to. You may wonder, how can this be? How can people allow this fleecing of America to happen to them and they just don’t want to open that can of worms? They’re kicking back, assuming everything will take care of itself, or, they feel like it’s completely hopeless and they’ve given up.

Some people try to get involved by writing their Congressional representatives or even their Senators. We’re constantly being told online, “write or call your elected officials”. But, this, is rarely helpful. Because they simply just don’t respond and the email or letters go into cyber land, never to be seen by human eyes again.

The days of reaching people through television are long gone too, and those that somehow manage to find their way to the airwaves, the interviews are biased and favor the stations preferred candidates, i.e. those who are “financially supporting” the stations. Good luck getting your name mentioned if you’re 3Rd Party candidate this election. The media absolutely refuses to acknowledge these candidates and they can skew the polling numbers by not informing the technologically declined about their candidates because they refuse to learn Twitter.

Libertarians, the only way to stand out in this election is to be extraordinary and bold! You must stand out and the time is now!

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