Little Libertarians Brings Libertarian Ideals To A Much Younger Generation


As the father of a brand new baby boy, I can’t help but wonder how he will grow up in a world that is plagued by political rhetoric that centers around the dissolution of free ideas.

I sit here and write this piece while watching my three-week-old son sleep in his crib. I pray that he grows up to be a free thinker and understands the fundamental principles that guide myself.

There is a new venture that aims to bridge that gap and provide parents with the tools to educate their kids on Libertarian principles.

Started by Dorit L. Goikhman, Attorney at Law, Libertarian parents will have the ability to educate their young children on the fundamental principles of Libertarianism in a few way!

Dorit is an attorney and Libertarian activist (former Vice Chair of the New Jersey Libertarian Party).  She created Little Libertarians because “I’m increasingly concerned about the lack of political education among young people, and I really do believe that an understanding of the principles of liberty begins at the earliest ages in the home.”

You can follow the Little Libertarians on Facebook and Twitter

Go to their site and buy/preview the books! 

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  1. Americans say that they are not responsible for anything and they are victims. Americans feel that they are not to blame and every problem is not their fault. Americans insist that they are saints and everyone else is evil.

    Racists believe the police state only affects blacks and scream that the Jewish media is lying whenever a white person is arrested.

    How can Americans sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling utterly disgusted and ashamed?


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