Libertarian Vindicator Endorsement: Joshua Smith for LNC Chair


The 2018 race for chairman of the Libertarian national committee has been particularly contentious. Mudslinging, dirty-politicking, and false allegations have surrounded this race. The two old political parties apparently don’t hold exclusive rights to these type of intraparty races. With many candidates once declared, it seems to have come down to just two candidates, incumbent chair Nicholas Sarwark and challenger Joshua Smith. (and of course none of the above)

While many within the Libertarian Party have seemed to dig in their heels with one particular candidate, many have threatened to leave the party if their preferred candidate doesn’t win. I find this line of thinking to be short sided and tribalistic to a toxic level. Now I’ve questioned my own relationship with the national party many times and where an ideological Voluntaryist such as myself actually fits within in the realm of the Libertarian Party. But that is a matter of philosophy, not internal leadership.

We can certainly disagree with one another but for people to make this chair race their primary focus is an outright absurdity. In a time with an overreaching, deficit spending, mass incarceration, nation building, draconian government some have decided to bicker back and forth online for what seems to be an eternity now. We should be uniting as a party not fracturing ourselves from within.

Mr.Smith has shown great resolve through this process and has traveled across the country to attend many state party conventions while also collecting signatures for state ballot access. When reached for comment Mr.Smith said “Amid the chaos that is currently infecting our party, I still see the beacon of hope on the horizon. I still believe that we can be better, do better, and succeed in our endeavors to bring peace, liberty, and prosperity to a nation that needs it now more than ever.”



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