Upcoming Democratic “Revolution” & Libertarian Opportunities


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made news this week when she beat out the fourth-ranking House Democrat.  Her opponent (Joe Crowley) had served 20 years and was often named as a possible replacement for Nancy Pelosi as leader.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory set off a lot of discussion of a “Tea Party”-like revolution in the Democratic Party.  There are other Democratic candidates, many of whom have already won their primaries, holding to the same goals as Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.

This upcoming “revolution” is one that could give Democratic voters a reason for looking more at Libertarian candidates.  Unlike the original Tea Party revolt, where freedom-focused candidates were looking to strengthen the Republican party, candidates in the Democratic version are not looking to lessen government involvement.  With policies like “Medicare for all” and free college tuition, they are very much moving away from any sort of Libertarian ideas.

Democratic voters will likely be looking for alternatives to candidates stressing more government spending and more government involvement.  Recent tax law changes may have helped businesses but they also spotlighted concerns about the federal budget.  Voters sharing that concern are not likely drawn to candidates eager to spend more.

Libertarian candidates would likely have a real opportunity here to appeal to voters who have not given them a look before.  Too often elections lead to candidates being lumped into one group or another.  That often means Libertarians present as only the Republican alternative.  Upcoming midterm elections offer a chance to change that.

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  1. Americans said alcohol was dangerous so it must be banned. Americans then found out that it wasn’t so dangerous and it was legalized again.

    Americans said marijuana was unsafe so it must be outlawed. Americans then found out that it wasn’t so dangerous and it was legalized again.

    Now Americans scream guns are dangerous so they must be illegal.

    If people were wrong before then how can they be so sure that they are right now?


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