Is The Libertarian Party Ready for Bill Weld?


The 2016 Presidential campaign for the Libertarian Party saw one of the most dynamic duos it has seen in the history of the party. With record-breaking vote totals, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld took the Libertarian Party further than it ever has.

However, Bill Weld was not the most popular guy among the party faithful, and to some, he isn’t even a Libertarian, but just some Massachusetts Republican that infiltrated the party.  But I beg the question, is the Libertarian Party now ready for a Bill Weld candidacy?

The former Governor and VP candidate is bouncing around the country speaking to Libertarian conventions and will be attending the National Convention in a few days down in New Orleans. He is rounding up the party faithful and trying to convince them that he is the guy that can lead them to victory in the 2020 election.

He is even getting national attention with George Will writing pieces today in the Washington Post and National Review:

The former twice-elected Republican governor of Massachusetts has been visiting Libertarian party state conventions and will be in New Orleans at the national convention from June 30 to July 3. There he will try to convince the party, which sometimes is too interested in merely sending a message (liberty is good), to send into the autumn of 2020 a candidate representing what a broad swath of Americans say they favor — limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, the rule of law, entitlement realism, and other artifacts from the Republican wreckage.

If in autumn 2020 voters face a second consecutive repulsive choice, there will be running room between the two deplorables. Because of its 2016 efforts, the Libertarian party will automatically be on 39 states’ ballots this fall and has a sufficient infantry of volunteers to secure ballot access in another nine. So, if the Libertarian party is willing, 2020’s politics could have an ingredient recently missing from presidential politics: fun. And maybe a serious disruption of the party duopoly that increasing millions find annoying. Stranger things have happened, as a glance across Lafayette Square confirms.

The biggest hang-up that many Libertarians had with him in 2016 was his stance on guns and his affection for Hillary Clinton. But, is that really a reason to pass on a guy that has the experience, has the national spotlight, and is probably 98% a Libertarian?

In 2016 Weld became a lifetime member of the party which is no joke. That takes money and commitment and so far he has shown the party that he means business. By traveling across the country to the different state conventions he is showcasing his passion for Liberty and his stamina to work for the love of Libertarians in the United States.

So, I beg the question again. Is the Libertarian Party ready for Bill Weld?

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  1. Yes, we are ready for Bill Weld! His candidacy should be more exciting and appealing to the majority of Americans who don’t belong to the two party duopoly. He has worked very hard to endorse Libertarian candidates around the nation. His willingness to sit down and talk about his positions and how he has changed is a breath of fresh air. Also, his record of tax cuts, cutting spending and waste in government, and education reform as Governor, show he has the ability to push and implement Libertarian ideas.

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  2. He brings a lot to the table, with his background and practical experience, including two terms as Governor of Massachusetts. I wish him well, especially in dealing with the “Yahoo Wing” of our beloved Libertarian Party (their Righteousness can be distracting sometimes).


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