Libertarian Party

Are We Reaching The Libertarian Moment?


Pundits across the country in the 2016 Presidential Election predicted a Libertarian moment was arriving, but sadly the moment came and went. Instead the American people were left with the most backwards type of Presidency that has seen the likes of Kim Kardashian in the Oval Office.

There is a storm brewing out there in the American political landscape that suggests the time of the Libertarian is upon us. The ideas of Libertarianism are not as far fetched as many would think. For decades the two party system has crushed any type of uprising that symbolized free thinking and non aggression. It has stalled a moment that has been coming since the late 1970’s because they fear what might happen to their livelihood.

We are now in 2018 where the world has changed, the direction of the country is taking a step backwards, and we have a government that fails to reach any type of consensus and instead strips away more and more freedom from individuals everyday.

For people that seek an alternative party that stands up for the individual then they will find hope in the Libertarian Party. The LP is the natural home for those across the middle who are socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, and for those from the intellectual world who would describe themselves as classical liberals.

So how does the Libertarian moment arrive? It takes voters when they head to the ballot box to make the conscience decision that they will not buy into the old age adage that they only have two choices. It will take strong candidates that will make it a point to challenge the status quo and showcase to voters new ideas that make sense on the large scale.

As Libertarians we need to stop hiding behind archaic thinking that centers around preserving 100% of our principles and push through to a general election and smash the snake in the head. No, I am not saying compromise principle, but rather appeal to the large cast of voters that are Libertarian but just haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Their view is blocked by the garbage and sewage that spews from the likes of Republican and Democratic leaders.

At some point, the genuine marginalization of the genuine libertarian-ish majority will no longer stand. It will take courage and strong willed people to lead the movement and stand up to the system that pushed them down.

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