Give us your guns.

gun buy back

The first stages of gun confiscation are beginning in the Hudson Valley here in the Empire State. Peekskill, NY where I make my home is offering an opportunity for gun owners to hand in their guns at the local police department. It is being done very quietly and is a test to see how compliant the citizenry is. Not very I can tell you. There will not be many guns quick-stepped to the police. This is how the left is operating these days. Throw a facebook message out there about a partnership between a private citizen and the police to eliminate illegal guns in our fair city and see what happens. We do not have a gun problem in Peekskill. The ravenous left, however, is always on the lookout for lawbreakers, even when they are not breaking the law. In the Land of Oz that has become City Hall the left’s hope springs eternal. Control the mob.
This new program has a nice little socially conscious effort attached to it. It seems the plan is to melt down these guns and make art out of them. The innovative spirit of the socialists is evolving. So what’s the plan when the voluntary gun transfers go bust? Nobody is saying. What the left is saying is that it is just an art’s program. Nothing more. Really? Then why not melt down tire rims or engine blocks. The minions on the Bolshevik spectrum are deluded. This is not news.
When this latest charade by the left fails the backup plan will be put into effect. The left always has a backup plan. It is just the original plan with a little more force. I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily handing in a gun to the cops. With that as the likely outcome, the left will then demand the police enforce the laws of the city. Laws are largely written and supported by the left. Traffic stops will increase, zoning issues will be enforced and the always present; it’s not a curfew but be off the streets by closing time will be on display. The ever-present search for guns and drugs will be amped up if and when the police determine the felon, who has a busted tail light, is a threat. Don’t be surprised if one of our eager beaver council people proposes a ” list ” of all gun owners cross-checked against the felonious activities of said owners to determine the punishment for such deviant behavior. Busted tail lights, open garbage cans spitting on the sidewalk. Because there has to be illegal guns in the city. There just has to be. Nice.
Some of my more ” normal ” friends suggest I am becoming a conspiracy theorist in my old age. Maybe I am but like the saying goes; being paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

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