The Supreme Court Actually Got It Right On Sports Gambling

supreme-court-546279_960_720The supreme court actually got it right.  Yes, I said it, folks.  It is not often you hear those words come out of my mouth, but our good friends in government actually got it right on this one.  The Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling Monday giving states the green light to accept sports bets.

In the Supreme Court case, New Jersey successfully challenged against the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which restricted sports wagering outside Nevada and a few other states. Monday’s decision allows the states to decide whether to allow live sports betting and of the states looking to pass it quickly  New Jersey leads the way followed by Delaware, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to start.

While you may not be a sports fan, one must rejoice every time freedom of choice is given back to the people.  Sports gambling hurts no third party and individuals should be allowed to use their hard-earned dollars as they please.  This is a small win for the Libertarian Party, even if it is not an issue we were on the forefronts of.  Freedom is freedom, and we must celebrate every time it is restored.

The laws were put on the books in 1992, a time when sports stars were not making nearly as much money as they are today.  Your all-star was lucky to make a few million a year if that depending on the sport.  A long way from the 30 million dollars a year contracts players sign in most major sports on any given day.  Then you add in the modern-day endorsements and most players that can make a difference couldn’t be bought for a small island.

This made it easier for nefarious bookies and mobsters to bribe players to fix games back in the day.  While a few million dollars is nice and was so even more back than, it doesn’t set you up the same way a few hundred million dollars does nowadays.  And in those time there is a great libertarian debate to be had as to should their be laws. Intentionally throwing a game does have effects on others, and depending on the sport could be physical in nature.  Is it manipulation of the free market?  All great debates for their time.

But we don’t live in those times anymore.  And in 2018 it is impossible to pay a player who actually can make a difference enough to throw a game.  To give up their pride.  Their integrity.  When they are already set for life?  It’s just not happening.  So sports betting can no longer thrive at the highest levels.  It cannot have the guaranteed success it envisions.  Sure you can get around it and do things such as bribe the refs as happened in the NBA in 2007 with Tim Donaghy.  It can even get as bad as the widespread corruption that was exposed a few years ago in 2016 about the FIFA match-fixing.  But laws were on the books all those years and look how good it did.

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