The North Korean Peace Is Good For The World and Donald Trump Had Nothing To Do With It!


The supporters of Donald Trump are the most delusional people who are trapped in this weird bubble were Trump is a peacemaker on a mission from God.  Trump is a disaster waiting to happen and the rest of the world understands this as well. However, there are many of his blind followers that think he should receive the Nobel peace prize for brokering a Korean peace.

From Time Magazine:

(WASHINGTON) — Barack Obama won it.

So did Jimmy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

Now, President Donald Trump’s supporters are pushing for him to be the next U.S. leader to win the Nobel Peace Prize — a move that’s being met by smirks and eye rolls in Europe, where Trump remains deeply unpopular.

But that’s not stopping a growing list of champions from pushing the Nobel committee to consider Trump for the world’s most coveted diplomatic prize.

This is a man who had is tiny little hands on the nuclear buttons just months ago prepared to send the world into nuclear winter and couldn’t comprehend the idea of peace if it was thrown at his face.

The peace that is happening on the Korean Peninsula is not the workings of Donald Trump but rather the two leaders in Korea’s that have decided to make amends and live peacefully together.

Trump is a coattails rider that is trying to bank off the success of two countries that aren’t the United States. The words peace never even left his tiny little mouth during his saber rattling that put the world on the verge of Armageddon. The leader of North Korea has more credibility at this point than the U.S. President. He is the one that has taken it upon himself to show good faith and taken the necessary steps towards peace. He didn’t do this because Donald Trump told him too. He understands that the United States has the ability to wipe his country off the face of this earth and realized that this madman sitting in the White House wouldn’t hesitate one second and launch a barrage of nuclear missiles that way.


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  1. This is nothing but emotional rhetoric. What facts are represented? Propaganda at it purist form. An embarrassing piece for a professor.


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