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kanye west
Kanye West is my man. I know nothing of his music, politics, lifestyle nor religion. Whether he’s a good guy or not. It makes no never mind to me. Anyone who can explode heads on both the left and right at the same time is doing something positive. A simple opinion broadcast at inter-galactic speed via Twitter has put one of the hostages of the Kardashian’s front and center in the bitter debate about race in the Great Republic. Where the extremists lead the mob will follow. All the usual suspects are up in arms about Kanye’s claim that after 400 years of slavery it becomes a choice. Very libertarian really if you think about it long enough. Now maybe that is not what Kanye meant, but that is what I heard. Mr. West’s recent embrace of our fascist overlord Herr Trump was the beginning of the end for Kanye in the dark realm of the bolshevik elites. I can only speculate what kind of PR stunt the Kardashian clan is concocting. The bottom line is this; Kanye West, disagree or agree, is talking about race in America. It may not be convenient but it is relevant.
Anytime race is mentioned the maniacs appear on both extremes to drown out any chance of progress. It is by design really. The race baiters on the left want the identity politics to continue. It is how they make their money. Al Sharpton and friends are in the business of protest. It pays good money. The Alt -right demigods are also in the business of protest. The white man is in danger of extinction. It pays good money. No matter what any spokesperson for either extreme says they are happiest when there is controversy. The feigned outrage is just that. Phony.
Libertarians may do well to engage in this conversation. Personal freedom and personal responsibility can go a long way in a discussion about race. All the identity politics, the racism, the fabrications et al can be swept aside when people talk to people. Never in the history of the world has there been a time of such wealth and opportunity for individuals. Yes the States , across the globe, are trying their best to control the mob, but it is failing. Any libertarian candidate for any office this coming election day would do well to belly up to Black America and start talking. Man to man as my father used to say. Get to know your neighbor, so when the race hacks on both ends of the stick start yelling you don’t have to listen. You can trust your own eyes and ears. It is not that this beginning will solve a problem. Outside of a little conversation it doesn’t offer a solution to a chasm dug largely by government policy and federal programs. It does however put to bed the hateful stereotypes that are spewed by professional hustlers across media to demonize the opposition. So when Sean Hannity says that a cop killer is a black nationalist hell bent on murdering whitey, you can smile. Or if Rachel Maddow spouts out her cavalier attitude that all non-college white men are cro-magnon and need to be drugged to calm there evil spirits you can laugh a little. These may be exaggerations but not by much. Essentially that is their message on race. And we won’t get any enlightenment from Academia. Their tired old analysis contributes to the problem.
Individualism is on the rise and Kanye speaks to that. When he asks a question, albeit an inflammatory question, there must be an answer. We may not agree with the answer or even the question but people are already amped up. Some will say an agitated populace is bad. Welcome to the world of top cop Jeff Sessions. He can’t wait for a little insurrection on the streets so he can display his unique talents at controlling dissidents. Plus all the new shiny hardware the nation’s police forces receive courtesy of Herr Trump. Others will say it is long overdue that the people hit the streets. The professional bolsheviks would love that, displaying their talents for mayhem and destruction. Sending out the immature and mentally infirm to do their marching while they collect the money. They will co-opt any leftist protests. They always do.
All this marching in the streets against well armed soldiers of the Republic because of a rapper ? Probably not but we will never know if this gets buried because the elites in DC fear the outcome. The story is already off the front page. It’s too bad really. The swamp’s solution is to appoint a blue ribbon panel of millionaires to discuss the issues of race in America. That should do it. Why is it so hard to understand that the state is only doing this for my own good?

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