LP Socialist Caucus Member Starts Initiative To Recruit Sex Worker Candidates

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“My goal is to normalize sex work and sew workers within the Libertarian Party. Ideally, enough sex workers will take up positions and leadership and responsibility that sex work decriminalization will be a major and consistent message for the party, just as cannabis legalization used to be,” stated Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party member Johnny Robinson in reference to his his new initiative titled Pornocracy Now.

The group seeks to recruit sex workers to run for office under the Libertarian Party banner and take up leadership roles within the party while also encouraging current members to welcome sex workers and assist in their activism.

“Far too many libertarians look down on sex workers, even if their official line is, “I don’t care what you do, your body your choice,” etc., etc. They don’t seem to have the same disgust towards other professions that are more physically hazardous, or who’s day-to-day work is more demeaning. Also, far too many libertarians have fallen for the disinformation put out by those who are opposed to the existence of sex worker, and who conflate all sex worker with rape, child exploitation, and human trafficking,” explains Robinson.

The Pennsylvania Libertarian believes that sex workers are a “natural demographic” for the party due to their entrepreneurial spirit and because of a their being a target of government persecution through victimless crimes and states “The very nature of their work is a rejection of and resistance to authoritarian social control. These are all things libertarians, in my opinion, should be rallying around.”

Sex workers already have some leadership positions within the party. Libertarian National Committee member Starchild is a bisexual sex worker who stated in 2016 “I think there’s more sex workers who are Libertarians than there are proportionally in the general population. Being a Libertarian gives you a very different perspective on the law. I realized more than I had before, these are just a bunch of arbitrary restrictions and I shouldn’t worry about letting them dictate my choices.”

Robinson feels it’s time for sex workers to be a part of the political conversation declaring “I want to give them as much voice as possible, to campaign for the decriminalization of sex work, as it is literally a matter of life and death for many of them.”

Pornocracy now can be found on Facebook here.

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  1. You can’t just put “libertarian” in front of shit and pretend that suddenly wanting to violently seize the means of production is somehow *okay*.

    “Libertarian” socialists are not libertarian, and they shouldn’t be tolerated in the party. Fuck socialism, it’s a dangerous ideology of death, and fuck socialists, they’re the enemy of liberty.


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