Kanye creates Leftist-meltdown by Tweeting of Love: The Jackson Reaction

Isn’t it funny how an ideological class (the American Left) can espouse the virtues of consent when it suits them, but the second it works against the victim-vote agenda – that stance dries up like Rosie O’Donnell’s twat at a salad bar? Well, I think it is funny. And I got to take a shot at Rosie O’Donnell in my first paragraph of this weeks column (which is a day late).

A quick explanation on that last part: upon retiring from cooking I found myself lost in a sea of jobs I was amazingly unqualified for (because I’ve been a cook for 15 collective years). So rather than scrimp and scrape I made the decision to take on several part-time cashier jobs (of different pay grades) that (when lumped together) equal one full-time job. As such, I find I am pulled in many different directions and in this case, working extra hours to help a co-worker. Luckily, my employers know the deal (I am not looking to commit to any one job so that I may concentrate on turning this writing thing into a career). So long story short; I came home, got medicated and passed out. Obviously, I could have just written the night before last, but I was chiming into the “Sarcasm & Liberty” live stream/podcast (I don’t know the difference) on that particular night (here is the link if you wish to watch it).

If there is one thing that Kanye West knows how to do, its stay in the news and make headlines. And much like our current President, he need do nothing more than tweet an innocent thought of unification and love to cause a legitimate social media ruckus. It all started when West tweeted support for the “thinking” of Candace Owens. In case you didn’t know who this remarkable young woman is, let me tell you.

Candace Owens is the Communications Director for Turning Point USA, best described as a conservative think tank geared towards younger people. According to founder/director, Charlie Kirk, Owens was hired 4 minutes after Kirk met her. He was impressed with her desire to lead a new revolution, one that brought forth the message that minority communities might be better served by someone (or anyone) other than the Democratic Party. Now while I disagree with the insinuation (and that’s all that it’s been so far) that they should (apparently by default) vote Republican, I find it inspiring to see so many Americans who make up our great minority populous waking up to the reality that the blue team really hasn’t done shit for them.

Of course, what came next was to be expected: the constant barrage of “red-pilling” and “dog whistling” as both an insinuation and (in many cases) an outright accusation of racism now being the go-to Democrat-Leftist defense. If there is anything more intellectually lazy, I (for the life of me) can’t figure it the fuck out! Here me leftists (as a former leftist); no one is scared of your accusations anymore! As the numbers of people who are leaving the Democrats and leftism behind continue to grow, your choices will be simple. Change your policies or become irrelevant. Personally, I hope they go for the latter. If they can be destroyed and sent the way of the Whigs, it would just tickle this writer pink. My obvious hope would be for the Libertarian Party to replace them or for the whole party system to be scrapped in favor of just running candidates who don’t suck, but I realize there are a million other ways it could work.

And just to be fair, after Kanye clarified that he doesn’t agree with everything President Trump (or anyone other than himself) does, he tweeted that he simply is a man of love, even proclaiming it for Hillary Clinton. What followed was a shit-storm of people who had just been on Kanye’s side, now turning on him like starved coyotes, because he dared to say something that wasn’t an outright condemnation of the former Secretary of State. I always wonder if Trump supporters realize how much they act like the very people they (rightfully) detest?

The bane of Trump’s base will always be this ravenous Hillary Clinton hatred. I often wonder if it’s fuel for them. Look, she lost and is irrelevant. She will never be President of the United States. Why the people that hate her the most work hand-in-hand with their own enemies to promote her is beyond me, but it is one of many reasons I view these people as a group I have no desire to ally with.

But then again, it was doubtful I could ever ally with people that don’t even hold their leader’s feet to the floor – until next time folks, live free!

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