Joshua Smith Responds to Recent Allegations


(The following article is a press release by Joshua Smith in response to recent allegations)

The Libertarian Party has a Sexual Harassment problem. For far too long, I have heard stories from women I respect and admire about the lewd comments they hear from men in our party, and how often times they feel as if their thoughts and opinions are completely dismissed by these same men based on nothing more than their gender. Such behavior is a stain on our party, one that myself and many others throughout the movement are working to eradicate from both the public and private discourse within our movement.

So, imagine my surprise when I received this via Facebook Messenger from Angela Owens, a member of Alicia Dearn’s campaign team, just a short time ago:


Until today, I had no reason to believe Joe and Tinisha Paschal (or Angela Owens, for that matter) were anything but friends. Indeed, I spent a great deal of time with them both at the LPWA Convention on February 24th, where the alleged incident was said to have occurred. For my part, I thought the three of us hit it off very well, as evidenced by the generous donation made by Tinisha less than a week later:


Floored by this accusation, I decided to go straight to the source, my friend Tinisha. At first, she seems as surprised as I was:


In the meantime, Angela had taken to posting on Facebook a “gotcha” attempt to prove that I was guilty of something. Unfortunately for her, however, the only “gotcha” that came of it was one against herself:


Exasperated, I went to Alicia Dearn to get her take on someone from her campaign team being engaged in an obvious smear campaign against me. Now keep in mind, this was BEFORE Tinisha dramatically changed her story in an interview with The Libertarian Vindicator, and was still telling me at least that she was sure I didn’t hear or say anything.


So, I sent several of the screenshots you’ve seen here. Note that not once did I accuse Alicia of being part of any of it. Also, keep in mind the comments from Angela Owens in the screenshots above as you read the following:


Absent is any mention of the involvement of Angela Owens, who is very much involved in Alicia’s campaign. Also absent is anything that could be construed as “picking a fight” with anyone. But it gets better:


But she did spend more time on this. In fact, rather than keeping this discussion private as I had, she went very public with a long statement accusing me of something that, as you can very clearly see, did not happen. It also states that Tinisha “confronted” me, when the truth of the matter is that it was a member of her own campaign team who did so.

If only she had been this opposed to Bill Weld.

As stated before, I am well aware that sexual harassment is a problem within the Libertarian Party, and it is my goal to be a part of the solution. As any member of the Think Liberty Community can tell you, I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to this topic. I am also aware that our party has a problem with members making false accusations against other members in an effort to sway public opinion when they can’t win on principle. I can assure you that, as Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, you will never see me use rumor, innuendo, or outright lies and deceit to advance myself or harm others, for that is not the appropriate way to handle ANY situation — not by me or by anyone seeking leadership in the Libertarian Party.

Now, let’s get to back to work!

In Liberty, JS

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  1. I have been a member of the Think Liberty crowd since long before TL existed. I have never experienced, observed, nor had anything of this nature reported to me where Joshua Smith has been the aggressor. In fact, everything I know of has beeen quite the opposite. I’ve seen him fight against the exact thing he is being accused of on multiple occasions. Allegations of Josh sexually harassing anyone is wholly inconsistent with the person I know.


  2. I, too, have been a member of the Think Liberty family since long before it existed. I have never seen, heard, or witnessed Joshua Smith engaging in any behavior that would be unbecoming. What I have witnessed is Josh standing up for others and fight against sexual harassment.


  3. Josh Smith is the person most responsible for bringing me back to being an active member of the LP. I’ve seen Josh, first hand, stand up for women who were being sexually harassed by members of the party. This opportunistic attack on a good man is sickening.

    The chickens will come home to roost for the people behind this slander. I hope like hell delegates are watching what is happening here.


  4. You know you’re making an impact when people start hurling baseless allegations at you. This stuff is terrible. Josh Smith is a stand up guy that would never do such a thing.

    Its sad to see Alicia Dearn’s campaign stoop to such levels. I really thought a lot more highly of her until now.

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  5. I’ve been apart of the TL community since it’s very early origins. Watching Josh grow as a person and a leader has me convinced more now than ever that he should be chair of the LP. It’s incredibly upsetting to see him accused of something I’ve watched him fight against for years. Hit pieces have no place in this party.


  6. I’ve personally known Joshua for just over a year now, and I’ve been in groups with him on Facebook since the election. He was the one to bring me into Think Liberty to work with him and the rest of the crew at the very beginning. Since the beginning of just knowing of him, he has been more vocal against harassment than most people whom I’ve known for much longer. These accusations are completely false.


  7. First and foremost, I have known Josh for about 2 years now. We’ve both been part of the family that is Think Liberty since long before it was even an idea. In that time, not only has Josh been an amazing friend, but he has DEFENDED me from MULTIPLE harassers on SEVERAL occasions. I trust him so fully that I will be sharing housing with him and several other friends during NOLA. He also convinced this die-hard Nick Sarwark fan that he would make a suitable LNC Chair replacement for Nick. Josh has done nothing but work tirelessly for months, focusing his time, efforts, and resources on traveling around the country to meet with other Libertarians about the future of the party. He doesn’t have to do it, but he does it because he genuinely cares about making a positive difference.

    Now, even with all that in mind, I did try to look at the screenshots with an open mind. But nothing adds up. It all points to nothing more than miscommunication and misunderstanding at most. It didn’t need to be handled the way that is was, and honestly this continued infighting saddens me and continues to be counterproductive to the cause of liberty.

    Josh is a stand-up guy who doesn’t deserve to have his name dragged through the mud like this. I count myself lucky to be his friend. I also hope people see the potential he has to be an amazing chairman, because the LP would be all the lesser if they missed out on the opportunity to have him in such a position.


  8. Unfortunately, those commenting here were not present during the incident in question. Calling for “evidence” of sexual harassment only perpetuates the problem. That is the first logical issue that stands out. Secondly, consider the length of time that you’ve known a person prior to vouching for their dignity, their respect towards women, or anything about their character. Nothing good comes from standing up for somebody, or tearing somebody down, who doesn’t deserve it. In this case, unfortunately, Mr. Smith has a past that does not stack up to the testimonials posted here. They’re honestly quite surprising.

    It’s up to his constituents to learn about their candidate, though I fully believe that personal transparency should be a burden for the candidate to bear. That is not the case in most situations, including this one. As patriots isn’t it our duty to research our local government to find out whether they have our best interest in mind? Do that here, and you’ll find more than you bargained for.


      • I think that the former would be a bit more substantial, and also more meaningful to what is happening here.


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