Behind The Joshua Smith Allegations

Update: Screenshots provided that go into full detail of the alleged harassment.

Multiple sources today have accused Libertarian National Committee Chairman candidate Joshua Smith of being involved in sexual harassment of a woman at a campaign event in February.

According to fellow Chairman candidate Alicia Dearn “I was aggrieved to hear another woman tell me that she was treated inappropriately at a campaign event by Joshua Smith in February. I kept her confidences. I understand that she has now confronted Joshua and that he denies the accusations.”

Dearn continues to explain how Smith demanded that she call out the accuser as a liar and threatened to accuse Dearn of “engaging in a smear campaign.”

The accuser, later revealed to be candidate Region 1 Representative Joe Paschal’s wife, Tinisha, explained in a live stream (the author was unable to locate it, but multiple witnesses have backed up this info) that Ben Farmer, Chief Strategist for Adam Kokesh’s 2020 presidential campaign was the one who made the sexual remark, but that Smith was present and involved in the incident.

“Josh was standing around when Ben said what he said. Then Josh started laughing the first time then walked back around as I was walking away mumbled “more pushing for the cushion” I know he didn’t hear Ben the first time but he should the hell did the second time. They both were so drunk it was really sad,” stated Ms. Paschal in correspondence with the author.

Joshua Smith denied ever saying any sexual remarks to the accuser when asked for comment stating “I literally had nothing to do with it, and never heard it. This was at my home state convention. I wasn’t drunk, and there were about 100 other witnesses that will tell you the same,” and included a screenshot that he believes suggests she did not think he heard the comment from Farmer.

Smith also noted that the accuser donated to his campaign a couple of weeks after the event, which he claims shows he wasn’t involved.

Ms. Paschal when asked about this explained that her husband had already pledged to match funds by a deadline and that she did not tell him immediately because she did not want to upset him during his Vice Chairman race.

“I told one friend in the Libertarian Party right after it happened and I kept quiet about it due to my husband’s race, but after seeing the way he talks to women on Facebook and his behavior I couldn’t let it go! I’ve been so upset about that night and upset that he disrespects women the way he does,” she stated.

Below are provided screenshots that go into full detail on the alleged harassment:

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  1. I am having a little trouble with this. The “he didn’t hear it the first time but there was a second time” thing….after he produces screenshots.

    Then the screenshots here show they were talking about it March 8, but now all of a sudden the dude’s opponent “can’t remain silent”.

    It’s April and were talking a bout a drunk remark in February?

    Looks to me like standard issue dirty campaigning. If it happened she should have told her husband so he could straighten the dude out there at the time.

    I am about as certain of what happened here as I am about the chemical weapon attack in Syria.

    Looks to me like another chapter in a fairly dirty campaign for chair all around, I am not taking sides in the matter.


  2. wow, way to trivialize the actual victims of sexual harassment and abuse. I have seen comments from this woman referring to herself as a victim all morning – umm, a drunk comment in a bar does not make one a victim. whoevers idea this was to post publicly should have known how completely obvious the real intent of this is – libertarians (most of us) are not stupid. it’s obviously an attempt to smear, and a weak one at that. If you’re gonna accuse someone for political gain, try not to get yourself caught telling them directly you never said their name and not sure why they were mentioned in the first place, and maybe not be so obvious by endorsing their opponent the night before. also, way to punk the husband out by letting the world know he knew about his wife feeling disrespected by a fellow male candidate and not handling it with the person immediately. all this says is – i am not adult enough to handle a simple conflict, and my husband is a bitch. i’m guessing that wasn’t the intention – plan it better next time you try for a political smear, preferably without offending victims of actual sexual violence. dearn should ask for her money back


  3. Well Josh was definitely drunk and messing around with a fellow (married)libertarian back in March… so who knows.


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