How The Arvin Vohra Suspension Vote Could Go Today

Update: Jim Lark votes no on motion.

With 11 voting for Arvin Vohra’s suspension and removal, those who have not voted have a weighty decision to make today.

Here’s some possible scenarios depending on how the votes turn out:

If Region 5 Representative Jim Lark fails to get his vote in, then his vote will turn to alternate Steve Scheetz who voted yes on the motion. This would make the motion pass and Chairman Nicholas Sarwark would not need to vote.

If Lark votes no on the motion, then the deciding vote would fall to Sarwark. If he abstains from voting, the motion would fail, so the chair truthfully would have to make a yes or no decision regardless.

If Lark votes yes, the motion passes.

Updates in the National Committee’s decision will be provided as they are available.

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