Vohra Suspension Vote Currently At 11

The motion to suspend and remove Libertarian National Committee Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra has currently 11 affirmative votes from the committee’s representatives


Caryn Ann Harlos

Daniel Hayes

Elizabeth Van Horn

Jeff Hewitt

Sam Goldstein

Tim Hagan

Whitney Bilyeu

Alicia Mattson

Bill Redpath

Joshua Katz

Justin O’Donnell


Arvin Vohra


Ed Marsh

David Demarest

Region 5 Representative Jim Lark has yet to vote. His vote will determine if Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, who has yet to cast his ballot, will have to make the deciding vote.

Vohra responded to the votes that “As this vote continues, I recommend looking at how often Libertarian state parties and the LNC have indicated that the second amendment is forresisting tyranny. Then look at how often they indicate that this government is tyrannical.

These aren’t joke posts on an underground social media site. You can see this as official posts on state LP pages, LNC positions at ontheissues.org, and other major, official statements. This is the public position of the Libertarian Party, both the national party and individual state parties.”

The deadline for voting on the motion is April 12th.

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