The Mexican horde and the Army.


The mechanisms for moving federal troops to our southern border are starting to creak. We are a nation at war not only against ” Islamic terrorists “, but filthy Mexicans and their unholy counterparts from Central and South America. The purity of America is at stake. They have been labeled by Herr Trump as murderers, thieves, rapists and drug dealers. Nothing like speaking your mind. How many Americans believe this tripe is unknown but if you are a commie you will bet that about 50% of white Americans are racists and wear the label of cro-magnon. This of course is an arbitrary number , unverified because of the absurdity of the claim. But if you voted for Trump, I did not, you are by your very ballot a racist pig. If you voted for Gary Johnson you are an imbecile. Nice to know where I stand. Hillary called me a deplorable. Never met her, never wanted to meet her; but her allegation sunk her dream. I may be deplorable but who the hell are you to call me one ?
I use the term ” commie “, much to the chagrin of the educated types, whose memory of history is not only glossed in the virtue of the worker’s struggle but dead wrong. Forget that Stalin murdered 30 million people. Mao was even more adept at mass slaughter. The demise of communism is not correct. It is very much alive. Not only in China, Viet Nam and Cuba, but right here in the good old USA. The People’s Republic of New York, Comrade Cuomo presiding and the Democratic Socialist state of California, Governor ” moon beam ” awaiting instruction from Moscow, are in full bloom. My sister, an educated woman, formerly of California presently of Washington state gets very angry with me when I use the term commie. She has called me a finalist for a Darwin Award and a troglodyte. Her upset is understandable. Various other progressive socialists have also chimed in on my political views. I say the federal government should be dismantled and they go crazy. To say they have little understanding of liberty is an understatement. They almost all equate libertarianism with anarchy which in their minds verifies the fact that I am at the very least an idiot fascist. Il Duce and Mien Fuhrer would be very proud.
Anarchy, loosely described is the absence of authority. It relies on the individual’s ability to make decisions based on what is good for them, without interference or force from someone else or towards someone else. Sounds good to me. The argument can get hysterical. The Statists claim that anarchy leads to mass genocide, an every man for himself tome of violence and ultimate destitution. This of course has never happened since anarchy has never been tried here in the Great Republic. The founders, all wealthy men, were sure to stop that at its birth. The holy and infallible status of the ” founding Fathers ” is sacrosanct. But I’m going to throw a little shade on one of them. George Washington, the father of our country.
Want to know why Trump has the authority to place troops anywhere he deems necessary ? GW. Yes we can thank the man who never told a lie for Trump’s routine. The anti environmentalist Washington; he did cut down a tree without good reason, sent troops out to western Pennsylvania circa 1791 to quash a rebellion of anarchists who refused to pay a whiskey tax. Imagine people not wanting to pay a tax ? There was no blood shed, no battle as King George himself led an army out to the wilderness to bring the ungrateful sots to heel.
My point is this: The President can do whatever he deems necessary for the safety of the empire. Even domestically. The congress has chucked its responsibilities as a brake on the executive branch. They instead grandstand like the fore-flushers they are barking out the same crap about immigration, safety, taxes, blahblahblah. Meanwhile whomever sits in the oval office gets a free pass on playing soldier. National Security, terrorists, mass migration of Muslims, and all that hokem is blared across the media waves. Sounds somewhat like brainwashing to me. And the blare is incessant. Republicans would call old George a moral man with principle. A man of action, a soldier, a patriot. Democrats might say George was a fascist, a slave holding demigod, an entitled patrician. It’s all relative. In George’s time the politics was just as thick and full of fury.
In my mind it’s not really the times we live in or who sits on the throne in DC. It’s not the snake oil sales people we send to the swamp to represent us. It’s not that. It’s not the lobbyists, the lawyers, the unions, or the church goers. The athiests, academics and shills of America are not it. It’s the idea of America. The Constitution is that idea on paper for all to see through history. It is really quite remarkable even if it is flawed. Plenty of patriots have sacrificed everything for this idea. We are fast becoming sheep. Allowing ourselves to be told what to do. George would not have recognized that. Nor would any of his friends.


So when President Trump orders the army to our southern border it worries me. Just like when President Washington led troops to quell a rebellion that never happened. It is the very subversion of liberty to send an army on the march domestically. And that is exactly what Trump is doing. Sending an army. Our revolution was fueled by British troops on the move in the colonies. Think how ” civilized ” we have become. We now take for granted the movement of troops. We have after all been at undeclared war for this entire century. It’s normal. Plus we have terrorists sneaking in with these drug mules from filthy Mexico and bingo we need the army. It may in actuality play out far different than my analysis suggests but that is pretty much how it works. Find a threat, build an army.
So now that I have painted a bleak picture of rabid Mexicans, a marching army, and in my rant besmirched George Washington what is left ? The people are left. The mob is always here. The constitution flaws and all is a guarantee that we will live out our lives as we see fit. Never in our history has a threat from within our own government been so strong against its own citizens. Civil liberties are under attack. Speech, association, religion, guns, privacy, autonomy are all under assault. Before anyone gets a neck spasm This is not theory. And it did not start under Herr Trump. It started under Washington. That’s right that paragon of virtue the Father of our country. This is really happening. The army is moving and the spies in DC have info on everyone. The labels of progressive vs conservative are not relevant. We are in a battle within our own government on not whether or not to expand the ever intrusive police state but how. It is a battle between communism and liberty.
Think of it this way: what can we do without government ? You want to go fishing you need a license. You want to build a home you need a zoning variance care of the state. We are taxed into submission. Ticketed, surveilled, threatened with jail for smoking a little weed here in the Empire State and generally at the beck and call of government types and their minions in the communities we live in. The social police. Those neighbors who call the cops when a kid jumps over a fence. You get where I’m going. Freedom is not what it used to be. Through careful dissemination of info from the feds and the state via the news media we are being told not to worry. The terrorists are out there. The Mexicans are coming. Safetysafetysafety. I, Donald J Trump am the only one who can protect you. I will make you safe. And we lay down. Whenever a government official tells me not to worry, I worry.
Trumps appeal is not new. He is a populist in the mold of Huey Long of Louisiana. A TV celebrity with a brash mouth. But his policies are those of his predecessors. Control the mob. Yes tell them what they want to hear but keep your ear to the ground. The mob can get restless and we can’t have that.

To seal the border with the wall, built across the length of the southern border with a budget of 25 billion dollars, repair the existing fence, electronic surveillance, all of it is so against everything American it’s almost laughable. A wall the length of the border or in spots across the southern border is really something to think about. What changed in our cultural calculus ? Is this racism, nationalism, economics ? This issue, immigration, was the central theme in the President’s campaign. Economic Nationalism courtesy of right wing fire brand Steve Bannon is at the heart of the right’s call for a wall. Yes yes I know the polls say that immigration was not a deciding factor in Trump’s victory. That is bull shit. It is possibly more important to the right today then it was during the 2016 Presidential sweepstakes.
Everyone I know who voted for Donald Trump says the wall has to go up. Everyone. The belief that this country is being over run by Mexicans, Asians, Muslims may not be accurate but it is a firmly held truth to Trump Nation. To say it is a racist attempt to keep America white is off the mark. Yes some in this push for the wall are racist. But don’t be fooled by the left’s portrayal of what their enemies are up to; just plain old racism. This push for the wall is deeply rooted in the genetic nativism that is part of our history. Civics is now a dead subject in America’s public schools. A subject that educated people on what the Constitution is and what the citizenry’s rights and roles are. The government’s role according to the constitution and the right’s of the people granted by the Almighty, beholden to no man, put down on paper has been ignored. All the mob wants is to be left alone. It is an attempt to preserve an America that is changing. Not a racist America but an America where we stood for something. Where we respected a man who worked his way up. Where a college education wasn’t a right but a privilege that had to be fought for. The history of the United States of America is being rewritten as we speak. The federal government’s arms have grown. The idea of the ‘ Marlboro ‘ man is fast dying. It is understandable to want these things. But times they are a changin….
The proponents of the wall are products of crooked thinking. They believe the wall will prevent their cultural ideals from fading into the dust. It is inevitable that the America of our father’s is dying. The answer for what they yearn for is really right in front of them. A sharp reversal in trying to persuade the federal government to do what you want and a strong push locally. Do what you must in taking control of your own community. There is a growing number of Americans who have given up on the federal government. We see a growing ravenous federal bureaucracy that no matter what keeps growing. The Tea Party, The Freedom Caucus, Donald Trump have done nothing. The left is not content to just let your culture die. They assist in its demise. We know that. The old ways are the racist ways. We know that song.

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