Joe Exotic Censured By Oklahoma LP

Former 2016 Indepedent candidate for President and viral meme, Joe Maldonado, also known as Joe Exotic, was censured by the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma for “actions that stand oppose to the non-aggression principle.”

When Facebook users inquired what the candidate did to receive the censure, the page replied “actions which stand opposed to the Non-Aggression Principle to include:
• Defamation’s of other candidates
• Promoting policy which is contrary to platform.”

One user explained that “Discussion on the floor included attacks on other candidates on twitter and facebook, insinuating that the party was actively working against him by closing the primary, and promoting ideas contrary to platform.”

According to Sooners Politics “The specifics of the complaint center around accusations against Rex Lawhorn & his campaign leadership. Maldonado has a long history of publicity stunts and other antics.

Maldonado responded on Facebook “This is what happens in Oklahoma Politics when you speak your mind and stand up for yourself.
When they reach out and use one of the most evil organizations websites (Good ole Carole Baskin) http://people.com/archive/too-purrfect-vol-50-no-21/ that take your personal property rights away from you to bring you down and you point out exactly who they are, they Censure you.

Now ask yourselves who is going to fight for your personal rights and freedoms?

So all farmers, ranchers and pet owners of Oklahoma, if they can reach out to Animal Rights people for fake news to tarnish my campaign just what will they do to you if I don’t win?”

Full statement from the LP Oklahoma can be found below:


The Libertarian Party of Oklahoma has voted to officially censure gubernatorial candidate Joseph Maldonado AKA Joe Exotic. The motion rose at the party’s state convention on March 31st in Seminole.

Newly elected Treasurer of the state party Chad Williams originated the motion, which was seconded by numerous delegates. The motion reads: “Motion to censure Joe Maldonado for actions which stand opposed to the non-aggression principle” The non-aggression principle is one of the core principles of the libertarian party, and states that one will not initiate force to achieve political or social goals.

The motion passed with minimal debate, with former Chair Tina Kelley cautioning the body for the precedent it would set. No delegates present voted against the censure, although numerous delegates did abstain.

Traci Baker Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma

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