Boys won’t be boys.

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The other day on facebook I saw an item that really surprised me. Shared by a woman who belongs to the same community based organization as me and a self described ” enlightened ” woman; she shared an article about men. Her views on men are generally known. She is hostile, derisive, dismissive and really pissed at gender Cro-Magnon. In her magnanimity she noted that not all men are bad of course; there are a lot of good ones, but white conservatives are worthy of a permanent seat in Dr. Kevorkian’s carbon monoxide machine. Libertarians in her view are not to be taken seriously. All we do apparently is walk around town looking for stop signs to saw off. That in itself is not what surprised me. It has become the mantra of the communist left. What surprised me was the word ” sweet “. She used this adjective to describe how men need to become responsible in raising sweet boys. Somehow raising sweet boys solves all the problems that are ingrained in the male species also known as knuckle draggers and brutes. The sissification of America has reached the dirty streets of good old Peekskill, NY. A small city 40 miles north of Gotham, a river town and a working man’s town.
With the emergence of Herr Trump as fearless leader her opinions are justified in the minds of the infected left. Following the playbook of the socialist democrat’s petty criminal division, she and her many friends are busy in the realignment of the sexes. No longer 2 genders but hundreds, girl power, bully shaming et al has led this woman and her comrades on a social trek that defies any logic. If you oppose this mandate you are labeled immediately as racist, misogynistic etc.
The aim of all this drivel is to line everyone up, put them in a box, issue commands from the swamp and pat themselves on the back for restoring order to a dark ages society. Only the enlightened left see this. The rest of us idiots are far to stupid to comprehend the wisdom of radical socialization. We don’t know what’s good for us. The Commies do.
This is more than idiotic. It is down right dangerous. The assault on boys in the schools, little leagues, pop warner franchises, boy scouts and any other positive force in a boy’s life is gaining steam. Begun in earnest during the reign of the degenerate king, Bill Clinton, it really took off under Obama and now has new life as a bulwark against the boy king himself Donald Trump. If you think, as a libertarian, this is a good thing; gaining equality for the ” different ” people in society you may want to look at the agenda of the left a little deeper. It’s never about equality. It’s about control. The diminishment of boys is directly tied in to the left’s assault on free speech, guns, protection from the police, and private property rights. If the boys are docile the theory goes the girls will win. We will have a more peaceful society. How’s that for logic ?
The push to keeps boys in line , from bullying, to gender identification is reaching absurd levels. A talking point of the left; Don’t fight, don’t raise your voice reminds me of an old directive from the city of New York to its heathen citizens. Signs with these words were nailed up all across the vast metropolis:
BY Authority of the City of New York.
Now all they would have to add to keep this directive current is:
In less than 25 years the social radicals on the left have gained serious traction in their effort to limit the mob’s ability to live their own lives. By demonizing boys they have successfully put 50% of the population on the defensive. If your black and a male and you ” act up ” it’s jail for you. If you are white and a male and ” act up ” it’s medication for you. Woman of any race who are not blessed to receive the benediction of the social justice feminists are labeled stupid sheep who follow their cave man husbands around and are at their constant beck and call. What you are left with are a bunch of hysterical feminists screaming death to men.
It’s hard to be a parent of a boy in this environment. A mass hysteria has descended on us all by the elite sociologists who know what is best. Every community has people who are into your business. The busy bodies who shame, call out, and threaten those who do not adhere to the new social flavor of the month. The problem is this new assault on male behavior is not a flavor. It’s part of the new social order where orders are cast down from the mountain top of the DC elites to help us poor animals survive. It is too much.
Saul Alinsky, whose play book the hard left uses advocated for the hijacking of public education; to indoctrinate the little hooligans, take over healthcare, housing, centralize the job market largely under government control and provide constant pressure on the Constitution. Limit speech, ban guns, empower the police to enforce every whim and law out of DC. Yes it’s a grand plan and it looks like they may be succeeding.
Of course there is a strong backlash to all this control for our own good. The neanderthals in the Trump universe and the liberty universe are not so easily cowed. Boys especially, being boys, will rebel as we always have. So the Left puts in motion the ever growing federal regulations, mandates and police forces. Pre-emptive control. Get in a fight at school. The police are called. Get a little rowdy in the library, the police are called. Smoke some weed, drive too fast, walk around your own neighborhood at 4 in the morning of course the police are called. Who would have thought that the radical left, born in the 60’s as anti war, anti police, anti government would embrace as kin the very organizations they once despised.
With all this radical change and the uncertainty of the future the extremists are in their glory. The hard right wants to pine for the good old days of white male dominance. The left ? I’m really not sure except it involves a whole bag of central control from headquarters in DC. The left’s view of society and it’s institutions are alien to me. The America I grew up in celebrated manhood. Glorified the best among us as honest, decent, loyal and tough in a proud nation. Now that has been flipped. Males are regarded as brutes who need guidance. That we have become, in 50 short years, burdensome pigs who think with ” our little head ” first.
If you are a man and have boys I have no advice for you. I raised 4 boys during the height, in the 90’s, of the war on boys. I went through the Little League arguing with parents about whether or not to keep score. I fought the food nazis over hot dogs or guacamole. I know what I’m talking about. The pressure can get intense if you stray from the herd. Luckily for me I was able to spend a lot of time with my boys. They are men now and turned out fine.
Vigilance my brothers that is what is needed. Vigilance against the corruption of those who would control us as the brutes they proclaim us to be.

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