The Jackson Reaction: The Market of Misinformation

I laugh at those that complain about the media bias. Not because it isn’t true, but because they refuse to acknowledge the reason for this bias. It is not some deep state problem. It isn’t elitist assholes running Hollywood with a progressive leftist agenda. They are responding to a market that is showered with choices. MTV is littered with shows to pique the interest of even the most discriminating SJW leftist. (As opposed to playing music videos…)

I believe it is two-fold. First, the youth of today are literally LOOKING for oppression – even where there is none! That is why we have more genders than flavors at Baskin-Robbins. That is why not admitting that you’re a racist, is in turn, what makes you a racist. (This goes for women and misogyny as well.) This brings us to part dos, where a media industry thirst for your ratings gives you oppression. 24/7 and in living color.

I would like to share a story that serves as an example….

It was the beginning of football season here Woodstock, Vermont. Deflate-Gate was in full swing and (as an ardent hater of Tom Brady and all that he stands for) I was absolutely LOVING IT! The internet was filled with all sorts of Brady memes, each geared towards a specific thing to pick on him about. I chose a few particular gems, including one showcasing Mr. Brady with what appears to be a camel toe. Among them was one that in some way, shape, or form, calls Tom Brady a pussy. Pretty simple really. Anyone who has sat down in a room full of beer drinking dudes knows the drill, everyone bags on the players they don’t like and exalts the ones they do. It’s nothing personal and I think even the players know this.

But someone (formerly) on my Facebook did not agree. It became an instant defense on my part of why I was equating negative things with vaginas (namely weakness). It went on for a while and it got ugly…real ugly. But it also got me thinking about something…

A few years ago, I began studying Koine Greek in an effort to understand the true meaning of the Bible better – what I learned changed how I approach my faith. Contextually, I had been taking the Bible (in my opinion) too literally. What I also learned is that words evolve. Let me give you another example.

The word “fuck” started as a very guttural word to refer to the act of having sex. (One can only imagine the reaction someone got for calling somebody a motherfucker.) Today, that same word is – for the most part – an intensifier. Think about the last time you heard someone get called a motherfucker… did you think for even a second that the person saying it was suggesting the other person has a sexual relationship with his/her mother?

The word “pussy” (like so many other words) has evolved, and now refers to a generally weak and unmasculine man. And yes, I think you can say that without discrediting the true strength of the human female vagina. (On the show “American Dad”, they suggested we make our soldiers armor out of them.) But the left already knows this because an artist they champion already went through this.

In the early to mid-2000’s, hip-hop sensation, Eminem, burst onto the scene with a fresh and unique style of hip-hop that displayed a sort of “white-trash, blue collar” ghetto that existed along side the all too familiar one filled with a decent cross-section of minorities that we see in most major American cities. His rhymes cut like a knife and no one was safe from his words. One of his particularly favorite words to emasculate someone was the word “faggot” (or “fag” for short). Protests occurred all across the country, calling for boycotts of his music, in particular “The Marshall Mathers LP”. Despite this, “The Marshall Mathers LP” has sold 11 million copies as of December 2016 and led to Eminem performing a duet with Elton John at the 2001 Grammy awards. Of coarse, many on the left did attack Eminem, but the fact remains that once he performed with Sir Elton, things changed. (And once the controversy went, so did much of the career.)

I hope this is isn’t surprising to you. I hope you aren’t even disgusted. The left leaning music industry saw dollars in controversy and went with it. And they were probably right to do so. Eminem has gone on to change the face of hip-hop (whether for the good or for the worse is a different matter). Now then, on to the point of this weeks column…

The market provides, but only when those with the capital to invest in the market do so. I believe there is a market for media that caters to constitutional conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals (the real kind, not the alt-right that refer to themselves as such) and moderate conservatives/liberals/centrists. The problem is that the people with the means to start media platforms like this, don’t know shit about media. These are the guys that are investing in biotech and new types of agriculture and industrial equipment… they don’t know the first thing about investing in Hollywood, the print media and television.

And as I conclude this, I would like to bring up what inspired me to write about this subject this week. I am just going to leave it here and let you read it. It is from Kyle Kashuv, one of the Parkland, Florida shooting victims.

screenshot from Twitter

It speaks to a bias that I believe is fueled not by ideals, but by money. As libertarians/constitutional conservatives we need to create that market, so that brave young men like Kyle can be heard. I believe we owe that to the children of the future.

Until next week, live free.

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