Former LP Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel Starts New Third Party

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Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Colorado activist Steve Kerbel announced last week the start of the United Independents Party (not to be confused with the United Independent Party from Massachusetts), in order “to build a welcoming home for the largest segment of the U.S. population who are tired of their elected representation working against them toward destructive ends, and want to see action in the furtherance of fixing the problems with government that get worse every year.”


“Independent voters are unhappy with the status quo. But so far, it has been impossible to stand up against these behemoth parties due to the strength of their organizations. Independent voters have not had the organization to stand up to the parties in control… until now,” stated Kerbel in an article by the Independent Voters Network.

The platform of party seeks to return to “common sense” government with its ultimate goal to shrink the size of government. Free markets, repeal of victimless crime laws, an emphasis on peaceful foreign policy interactions and upholding the constitution make up the planks of their platform.

Within 24 hours, 5,000 people had visited the new party’s website according to Kerbel.


While many of these policies seem similar to the Libertarian Party, Kerbel insists that this party “isn’t LP 2.0. We are uniting the independent majority.”


71% of millenials are not satisfied with the two major parties according to an NBC poll and 74% said that a third party is needed. Whether that party will be the Libertarian party, Green party, or Kerbel’s new party will become apparent in the upcoming elections.

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