Etan Patz, the milk carton and the loss of childhood.

eton patz

In May, 1979, 6 year old Etan Patz left his SOHO home in New York City and walked to the bus that would take him to school. It was the first time Eton had gone to the bus alone. He was never seen again. Thus began a massive manhunt by NYC Police, FBI, State Police, volunteers from the community and local media. Speculation ran wild on what happened to the slight blond haired boy. Some of the more gruesome and conspiratorial thoughts on young Etan were whispered in the shops, bars and neighborhoods throughout the city. No clues or witnesses were found. The usual suspects were rounded up, questioned and released. Etan had vanished.
The crime shocked the City of New York. Soon it would become a national story of abduction, trafficking, sexual deviance and all matters perverse. His picture began to appear on milk cartons throughout the nation. His description, height, hair color, eye color, what kind of clothing he was last seen in were included. Still nothing. The massive fear campaign for child safety began. With each passing day the hysteria mounted. It was the dawn of cable TV in the Great Republic. Nancy Grace and her venom towards all things criminal were about to be launched.
With the constant drum beat by the media to do something the Federal Government took notice. National Missing Children’s Day was introduced in 1983 by Ronald Reagan. Child Protective Services an arm of federal social services were instructed to become more proactive. Parents began to fear for their children’s safety. Play grounds were empty. School bus stops were patrolled by parents and police. Youngster Adam Walsh who was murdered in 1981 just proved the point of the alarmists. The hysteria continued. Family Courts were overrun by allegations of child abuse. Public schools took notice as well. Children not picked up by parents, guardians or designated adults were identified and watched for possible neglect. The ball was rolling on what the Fed’s deemed appropriate parenting.
The extremes on the left and right were having a field day. Pontifications from the ” experts ” were soon lead items on Cable TV throughout the 80’s, 90’s and into the new millennium. Any time a white blond haired child was reported missing it was blared in breathless dramatics across all media. Schools began to target ” kids at risk “, demanding more funds for after school programs to ” keep our kids safe “. Bullies were identified and segregated from polite society. One strike and your out in inner city schools especially were instituted. Fighting was strictly prohibited. Yelling, running, rough housing was discouraged with punitive measures up to and including suspension and dismissal. The hijacking of childhood by the federal government was in full swing. Parents, they reasoned , needed guidance. The left began to blame toxic masculinity as a culprit in the breakdown of society. Drugs, became a reliable reason to put our kids in a bubble. Drugs after all led to all kinds of degeneracy they pronounced.
Books began to appear on the dark menace that lay in wait for our kids, up to and including a piece of trash called ” It takes a Village ” by Hillary Clinton. The battle was released to educate the troglydites among us. Exaggerated numbers of child abductions began to appear. Sex trafficking became the number one crime on earth with millions of children at risk. Our kids are in danger. Well coordinated and tax funded social programs started cropping up. Schools were now mandated to make sure every student ate. School nurses were now re-enforced with school psychologists, guards, police and an army of high paid administrators to adhere to the new federal mandates. Hyper active kids were loaded up with Adderall. It was all a ruse. Nosy neighbors had the police on speed dial. See something, say something became a thing. Seeing a 10 year old walk from his school to their home was and is considered neglect. Play grounds were safety proofed with rubber mats on the ground. Monkey bars, seesaws and tree climbing were outlawed. Parent, teacher conferences were reminders to parents on how unsafe their children are. Supervised play dates were arranged by parents. Kids were missing from the neighborhood streets, play grounds, and parks. Little Leagues began to play games without scoring. After all our little lambs need to be protected. Unaccompanied children were reported to the police. Parents began to get involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. Autonomy was dead. Everything related to children was tied to safety. An alarming number of parents willingly succumbed to the pressure. After all what is more precious than a child’s life ?
This may seem to some as a benign reaction by society as a whole to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Or an over-exaggeration. In order for the government to survive it needs two things; Fear and money. Money it has. By taxing the bejesus out of us it has amassed the greatest concentration of wealth and power in world history. Fear however is a little tricky. Fear for your children’s safety, fear of terrorists, who will also get your children, fear of guns, drugs, tainted food, global warming blahblahblah; it’s all tied to kids and it’s all tied in. So if you are looking for someone to blame for the fascist tendencies of the Emerald City on the Potomac you may look no further than Eton Patz. The efforts of the Feds is constant. Keep the people scared and divided.
Saul Alinsky would be proud of the unhinged Left. It has systematically used fear and money to threaten the citizenry with all kinds of bad outcomes unless the state intervenes. It is no surprise that Antifa, BLM and the like are all screaming for the government to do something about our ” horrible ” country. The Bill of Rights is being shredded in the name of harmony and safety. That’s how they roll. Scare the hell out of the populace and take over. The hard Right is no better. With fear mongering against the hoards from Mexico coming to rape our women and corrupt our children in full bloom under Herr Trump it is a miracle any of us can survive without guidance from the State. Islamic Terrorism is used by both ends of the political stick to control, coerce and keep in tribute the American people. Take speech away by coining drivel like hate crimes, racism and sexism, storm the battlements when an opposing viewpoint is offered. Confiscate the guns, rip up the 4th amendment because we all need to be safe, use the federal police to crack down on drugs, illegals, property rights, license everything, generously portrayed as provinces of the states, from hairdressing to fishing and of course we are going to need more cops to enforce all this. Meanwhile the kids we are protecting are being poorly educated in public schools run by the state, protected from risk, fed bull-swaggle about how they can do whatever they want provided they obey the law, encouraged to go into debt to get a college education that is almost useless so that they have little recourse but to petition the State for relief. It’s a great scheme. But it won’t work. Not over the long haul. The citizenry may be in a deep sleep but even Rip Van Winkle woke up.

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  1. What happened to Etan Patz was a freak occurence. Children are far more likely to be abducted by an absentee parent than a strange pedophile. Yes, it happens and it’s terrible, but taking children’s autonomy away solves nothing. In the ’70’s, crime was off the charts and yet most children were free-range. They were encouraged to exercise independence within reason and were better off for it. Nowadays, college-aged adults have difficulty doing their own laundry. It’s absurd.


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