Bill Weld Sues Massachusetts For Winner-Take-All Voting System

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Gov. Bill Weld is challenging Massachusetts’ law that allows the winner of the popular vote in a presidential election obtain all of the states electors because it is constitutional.

“[…] under the [Winner-Take-All] system, millions of Massachusetts citizens have been and will continue to be denied their constitutional right to an equal vote in the presidential election,” states the filed complaint.  The documents continues to explain how the system weakens the citizens’ of Massachusetts votes.

R.J. Lyman, a former administration official to Weld, and Robert Capodilupo are also listed as plaintiffs in the suit for feeling “deprived” of having their Republican votes counted the same a Democratic ones.

Hillary Clinton received 60% of the vote during the 2016 election and thus received all 11 of Massachusetts electors.

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