Breaking: Ex-Partner Of Christopher Chase Rachels Reveals Prior Nationalist Behavior


Christopher Chase Rachels was thrown into the spotlight when the old cover of his Alt-right Libertarian manifesto “White, Right & Libertarian”, which included images of bodies being hung from helicopters with logos of feminism, Islam, communism and Antifa over the faces, was leaked on social media.

While the general feedback was negative, some claimed that the Radical Capitalist founder had not always been pro-white nationalism and had come into these ideas recently, however a Facebook note from a former partner of Rachels reveals that may not be the case.

“[…] it concerns me that CCR is becoming more notorious as he becomes more galvanized in his beliefs about himself and the world. Because I have a more personal experience with him and his ideology than most people tracking him online do, I wanted to put down what I know,” begins Finley Collins, a trans man who knew Rachels personally for about 2 years.

Finley continues to explain how he moved to North Carolina and lived with Rachels and how the author’s sexual desires frequently pushed Finley to areas he was not comfortable. Frequently, Rachels would would push Finley despite his initial refusal, even going so far to role play tricking Finley into allowing himself to become pregnant.

“CCR was insatiable. I didn’t feel good being with him and his continual pressure to have more sex than I wanted felt smothering. I let myself be talked into riskier sex than I should have. At one point he attempted a sex act that I had, in fact, vocalized as a hard limit of mine- an absolute no go. When I was upset by it, he laughed and couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal. This is sexual assault. If you’re not sure, This is sexual assault. It is definitely not something a voluntaryist does,” stated Finley.

Most notable among Finley’s experience was the noted supremacist behavior, and conditional acceptance of the non-aggression principle even while Rachels was writing his first book “A Spontaneous Order.”

Finley explains that “He sincerely believed he was genetically superior. He would bring up alien DNA in the kind of way a person guardedly jokes about a topic while testing the room’s reaction.”

The final excerpt of this note condemns Rachel as not being a libertarian of any sort:

“CCR is not a libertarian. He is not an anarchist. He is not a voluntaryist or a supporter of non aggression. He is an entitled, charismatic cult of personality that lacks empathy for others and lacks a consistent philosophical or value-based foundation to his view of the world. (What CCR wants to happen is twisted to become acceptable within the parameters of his ideology.) It has only been with the rise of the Alt-Right movement that he has been able to become so much more outspoken about his more problematic views- ones he once could only hint at among BRLP members 5-6 years ago.”

Since the note has been written and reported on by Dramatarians, allegedly, the Radical Capitalist has tried to remove the post multiple times, with the libertarian gossip page being on its third time sharing since this article was published.

Dramatarians original article on the post can be found below:

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  1. Interesting. So based on this, he has one of this “alternative” lifestyles that would get him booted out of the coveted Hoppean covenant he claims he wants the world to be like.

    “They – the advocates of alternative, non-family and kin-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism – will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order” Hans Herman Hoppe Democracy: The God That Failed page 217

    Oh the irony


  2. How stupid to refer to a woman throughout as a man! Finley is a woman whatever mental issues she has in her head.


  3. I advise anyone who comes across this to read The Nameless War. A certain tribe specializes in these sorts of hit pieces. Truth is totally irrelevant. The primary objective for the folks in the little round hats is to neutralize an enemy, and what easier way than traffic in random rumors and outright lies?


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