The Jackson Reaction: Aziz Ansari and finding the government’s “off switch”

I really wish I had edited this last night. Instead, I’m editing it at 4:18Pm on Sunday, January the 21st while simultaneously trying to watch what I hope is a defeat of the New England Patriots by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Not easy. Anyway, let’s get started with the week’s events.
Aziz Ansari is the newest member of Hollywood/the media to face allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. In a story by “Babe,” writer Katie Way details the anonymous account of a date that a then 22-year-old photographer had with Ansari last fall.
According to the young woman, named Grace in the article in order to protect her identity, claims she gave numerous “verbal and non-verbal cues” to indicate to Ansari that she was uncomfortable with the situation.
I read the article…not exactly Grace.
You said you were “uncomfortable,” at which point he would stop (for a little bit). You told him you didn’t want to feel “forced,” at which point he would stop (for a little bit). You certainly made it clear that you wanted to slow down. You made it clear that things were escalating too fast…but then you also blew him.
And he blew you too… good for you (or not, as the article would indicate).
Overly pushy and grabby jerk? Sure, I’ll give you that. But I don’t think I am going to label Aziz Ansari as a man guilty of sexual assault. I would say that Ansari is guilty of not cutting things off at the first sign of hesitation.

As for Grace, while I feel for what this girl went through (meeting the famous guy, the texts, going on the big date, the invite back to his fancy pad only for things to quickly turn weird and awkward) I don’t think I can call this sexual assault.
Should Aziz receive a little shade for this? Yeah, a little.
Should we ruin a man who was maybe a little confused by a lady that was sending him some pretty mixed signals throughout the night? No, I do not think so. But that’s just me.
The bigger issue for me is that we now have a big debate about the amount of “verbal cues” men should be expected to understand. Here is my question to that.
Why do we have languages? Is it to hear the endless banter of Red Sox information my father blows up my ear while I am trying to write (because he thinks a Yankee fan wants to hear Red Sox nonsense)? No!
It’s because that is how we COMMUNICATE!
We are not apes. We are human beings. We exchange information via a collection of verbal sounds used to identify different meanings and definitions. (That is NOT the Webster’s definition just so you know.) While some humans (the deaf and the mute) may need to rely on verbal cues, the vast majority of us communicate with fellow humans using words.
Here is a phrase you did not use.

Dude, get up out my way before I biscuit drop your nuts.
Obviously, you don’t need to be THAT upfront and confrontational…but you get my point, right?
Make it CLEAR, beyond all reason and doubt, that you do NOT wish to continue ANY kind of relationship with him, and that you wish to leave.
Do not indicate hesitation, then do the ol’ oral switcheroo tango, and then label him a sexual assaulter. By all means, call him out for being an overly eager scum bag. I am with you all the way on that one but trying to ruin a man because you regret your decisions is NOT the way to go about this.
I hope “Grace” (whoever you are) and many other women, take my words into account. Moving on!

The Government is Shut the Fuck off, is anyone else celebrating?
Unable to come to a deal regarding issues like DACA and border security, the government was officially shutdown at midnight last night.
I would like to share a little story with all of you. It is what you would call a “roman a clef,” a story where I change names in order to protect people that may not wish to be within the confines of my literature. In this particular story, we have a libertarian activist from Louisiana named Belle Lafayette. Well, she posted on the social media platform known as SpaceLook. She said that “her daddy sailed for the Navy 30 years and never missed a check”. She then went on to bring up a very good point. Spending! We as a country spend too damn much.
And she is right!
It is why I half shrugged at the tax cuts. They are only good for so long without spending cuts.
I would like to bring up another good point from my network of liberty lovers. (Another story with fake names.)
LJ Logan, a shipping manager and writer for the fast-growing libertarian website, The Libertarian Identity, posted on SpaceLook that “we should see now-now that everyone is complaining about not getting military families their checks – that it is indeed government, that has no base in morality.”
Of course we, as libertarians, already knew this. Whether you are a very basic classical liberal who simply allies with us (and we love you for it) or a full-on AnCap, we know all too well that government that is big enough to feel, is too big. And it is because of that moral ambiguity (at least on my part) that I don’t trust the government with shit and am more than happy that it is shut the fuck off.
In fact, I am somewhat hopeful that this strife in the Senate continues. I wish to see how long it can go. I want to see if normal, everyday people can live a week or two without the government.
Of course, the reality is that soon enough it will be “back on” and it will be back to business as usual. And the truth is, even with it off… we are no more free than when it was on.
But the meme’s have been epic, and for that, I am thankful.
So that is it for this week’s Jackson Reaction. We post every Sunday at 6Pm EST, so don’t forget to check us out.
Until next time, live free and GO JAGUARS!

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