NFL Gets a WIN, Government Calls Time-Out!


Super Bowl ads nearly sold out, government shuts down

There’s been much controversy over the anthem and the flag this past year in the football world over the peaceful “take a knee” player protest. This protest caused many to call for a boycott of the NFL, although an argument could be made that it helped end continued rioting over the issues. The media were showing empty seats at select games. It looked like the beginning of the end in the minds of many for the NFL.

Fast forwarding from then to now, government shuts down while the NFL flourishes with ad value, nearly selling out early for the upcoming Super Bowl. It’s ironic as certain elected government leaders had supported an NFL boycott. People from the right were celebrating what seemed to be certain wins for their cause. Now the government has an apparent dysfunction over their bickering as usual, and Fox Business reports good news for the NFL bringing in media profits weeks ago.

It’s still uncertain how all of this will play out, but for the time being it looks like government is taking a time-out after the NFL scores what could be the winning touchdown.

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