Mises Caucus Endorses Joshua Smith and Alex Merced for LNC Chair & Vice-Chair


The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus has officially endorsed Joshua Smith for Chairman and Alex Merced for Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party National Committee. The Mises Caucus is one of the fastest growing Caucuses in the Libertarian Party. Mises Caucus Founder Michael Heise told me the process for endorsements included  “giving out a questionnaire, doing an interview, review, and voting.” Heise went on to say “The time for needless and self-serving drama, not taking ourselves and our mission seriously is over. We have the best message in the world, and its time the people got to hear it. In. 2012, we were unified, focused, and driven and the status quo feared us. Together, we can make them fear us again.”

Mr.Merced was thrilled with the endorsement saying “Many in Mises Caucus have similar origins as I do with the Ron Paul 2008 Campaign, working with them has really felt like a homecoming. I’m excited about being their endorsed candidate.” Alex Merced ran for United States Senate in New York during the 2016 election cycle, securing 47,666 votes. Alex is heavily involved on all platforms of social media. His run for Vice-Chairman includes a platform of being “a pro-active advocate for positive principled messaging, voter outreach, growing party membership, candidate training and helping give membership a greater voice in the LNC by providing a listening ear to independent caucus groups.”

Joshua Smith is a founder of the publication Think Liberty. One of his campaign slogan of “Solutions, not snark” is hard-hitting. MR.Smith’s platform for Chairman of  the Libertarian Pary National Committee includes focusing on “a grassroots, bottom-up structure, and helping groom candidates of all levels, which will significantly increase our movement, and support.” Smith’s reply to news of the endorsement was one of enthusiasm saying “I am excited to be endorsed by the LPMC. They are a movement like I have not seen in many years. A group of liberty-minded individuals who are hell-bent on fighting back against a two-party system that wishes to continue expanding, and taking more freedoms. I am very excited to be chosen to help foster and lead that movement. It’s very awe-inspiring for me to be quite honest.”

As the Libertarian Party National convention draws near expect more candidates to declare. For the time being, consider Mr.Smith and Mr.Merced among the front-runners, as they are poised for a serious challenge to incumbents Nicholas Sarwark (LNC Chairman) and Arvin Vohra (LNC Vice-Chair).




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