Erie County LP’s Gun Control Lawsuit Dismissed

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A court battle that the Erie County Libertarian Party (New York) and nine New York residents have been fighting since July 2015 involving firearms licensing laws was dismissed last week by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci, Jr. stated that while the law went against the “core” 2nd amendment “The licensing laws place no more than ‘marginal, incremental, or even appreciable restraint on the right to keep and bear arms.” The Judge also stated “Moreover, the laws promote public safety and prevent gun violence.”

The New York affiliate challenged the law because of it’s vague requirement that a citizen applying for a license have “good moral character”, that the law is too expensive and an invasion of privacy.

However, the party was not discouraged by the decision and stated that the case would now go to the 2nd circuit. The party’s lawyer also claimed that they are going to appeal the decision.


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