The Jackson Reaction: Trump’s Toilet Tweeting and How I GINUWINE’LY Don’t Want to Kiss a Transwoman Either

I wonder if the left knows (or cares) that my writing would be 90% slamming on President Trump if not for the SJW nonsense. In this case, in response to the purported transphobia of R&B artist, Ginuwine.

For those that do not know; Ginuwine is (or was) on a British reality TV show when the topic of him ever possibly dating a transwoman came up. He said he would not – fair enough! Right?


After stating his preference (which is reasonable), the transwoman in question then tried to kiss the successful singer, resulting in his very obvious rejection. And that is when the shit really hit the fan.

Activists for the LGBTQ community rallied together quickly on social media to denounce the singer as transphobic, if not for rejecting the kiss of a transwoman then for stating that he would never date a transwoman.

So here is my take…

Didn’t we just have a whole “#MeToo” thing about all this? This woman (look lefties, I am using the “correct” pronouns – like a big boy!) tried to physically pull this man in for a kiss and was rebuffed. If this was a man, pulling in a woman for a kiss, I doubt people would care if she slapped the guy, let alone rejected his advances.

The truth is, we all have preferences. I have a couple female friends that only go for guys with tattoos. Some of my male friends only go for women of a particular body type. We all have “types” and to pretend we don’t is ridiculous and intellectually lazy.

What this really seems to come down to is not whether Ginuwine would willingly kiss a transwoman, but that the trans community thinks that NOT being seen as a person born of the gender they now identify as, equals bigotry.

It doesn’t ….

You could make the argument that it equals discrimination, but that isn’t (necessarily) a bad thing. We discriminate which food we eat, who we associate with and what subcultures we identify with. But now when we hear the word discrimination we fall into some frenzy, eager to prove how open-minded we are, and how bigoted we are NOT!

I am also unwilling to date a transwoman. I don’t want them treated differently by our government, but when I go down on a woman, I want to know what I am looking at. I would be fair, asking any partner I chose if they were trans before we took the relationship to a serious level, and I don’t think that makes someone transphobic, it makes them someone with a preference for women that were born as female.

There is nothing wrong with that… sorry lefties!

President Donald Trump tweeted throughout the week about Democrats unwillingness to make compromises towards (among other things) the border wall in exchange for some sort of unstated agreement from Republicans on the policy known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

I can certainly understand that Democrats wanted to gain back some lost ground with the compromise, but that was unlikely, to begin with. This was a situation where Democrats had no high ground to fight from, and by being unwilling to compromise with Trump and congressional GOP all they have done is doom DACA, possibly forever.

Playing hardball when Democrats hold so few seats is unwise. It is times like this that I am the most confused as to why they (Democrats) do not merely ally themselves with Never Trump conservatives and libertarian-GOP to at least slowdown efforts these three groups mutually oppose.

But then again, making sense of our elected official’s behavior is not my strong suit.

But alas, even though I might be slightly on President Trump’s side for this issue – I needed to only wait for him to produce some sort of societal faux pas so that I might also trash on him… let’s talk about shithole countries!

As almost everyone knows by now, President Trump made an insensitive remark about Haiti and other poor countries by referring to them as shithole countries and wondering why we aren’t trying to bring in more people from Norway.

Is this a terrible thing for a world leader to say? Absolutely!

Was it remarkably hurtful and unkind? Obviously!

Was it racist? … no!

I am not saying his reasons for saying it was not racist (I have no idea what goes on inside that man’s mind), just that the remarks were not – in and of themselves – racist. They were classist, and that can be just as bad.

We should be trying to bring in the very best people to enrich our population, and to assume that Haiti can’t produce a skilled neurosurgeon or gifted scientist, is ludicrous. We should definitely vet incoming people better, but understanding any one country is incapable of producing said better people only work to hurt us the same way that Affirmative Action has hurt businesses in America. We should never stop looking for the very best, and we should never assume we inherently know where the best come from.

Vermont is poised to become the 9th state to legalize marijuana and the first to do so by legislative process rather than voter referendum. A few things I want to cover on this as an avid marijuana user and a Vermont resident.

Governor Phil Scott not sure if he will sign bill publicly: possibly as an olive branch to those that oppose legalization, the Vermont Governor said he may not sign the bill in view of cameras and the press.

Fine, be petty about it. But you had no problem vetoing last year’s bill VERY publicly. Just saying.

Voter referendum should be how this is decided anyway: I heard this one a lot lately and a few times from libertarians. But if you are a libertarian, you should know that full-blown democracy/popular vote rarely works towards the ideals of individual freedom.

And for this reason alone, I am glad we didn’t set the precedent here in Vermont for voter referendum legislation. I don’t want Burlington and Windsor county deciding everything for Vermont anymore than I want New York or California deciding everything for the United States. That’s how Vermont would lose the countries best gun laws. (And the most constitutionally consistent.)

So that’s it for this week in America and the world from the perspective of a rubbish-typing, misanthropic libertarian writer and cook.

Hopefully, our President doesn’t start World War III or increase market regulations while toilet tweeting.

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