Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen Receives Endorsement From Former LP Presidential Candidate


Talk radio host and former candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, Gary Nolanendorsed Austin Petersen’s run for Senate.

Check out the video.

Nolan ran for the LP’s nomination for president in 2004, but finished in 3rd place and the nominee chosen was Michael Badnarik. Nolan was the host of USA Radio Daily and Nolan At Night and currently serves as Chairman on the board of directors for, a group that was formed to “Limiting government to defensive purposes only (such as criminal justice), leaving people free to follow their own conscience, provided they respect the equal rights of others to do the same, [and] [r]ejecting “good intentions” as an acceptable reason for politicians to initiate force.”

This adds another high profile endorsement for Petersen’s campaign (his first being Supernatural star Mark Pellegrino), and will surely add more momentum to what is already looking to be a hotly contested GOP primary.

To support Austin Petersen’s campaign, click here.

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