Joe Exotic Running for LP Oklahoma Gubernatorial Nomination

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Joe Exotic, who is most famous for his 2016 presidential campaign video and was featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s segment on third parties in the 2016 election, is among three candidates running for the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma’s nomination for Governor.

John Oliver described the candidate, whose real name is Joseph Moldonado, as “truly, the type of candidate you’d want to sit down and have a beer with, then another beer, then several more beers until you’re drunk enough to try meth.”

The former presidential candidate is the owner of the G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Foundation in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The foundation is home to one of the largest private zoos for tigers in the world, housing 220 big cats.

Moldonado’s platform includes offering tax incentives to doctor’s who take patients free of charge, deregulating the health industry, decriminalize marijuana, and simplifying the tax code to make it 8% for all individuals.

The candidate was recently in a car crash, breaking his shoulder blade, neck and right femur.


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