The Jackson Reaction – Weed, the NFL and Humiliating The D-List

What a week. If I could, I would dedicate an entire novel to it. But alas, all that I can do so that I might do this last week justice is to cover it in this – my new column, The Jackson Reaction.

President Trump says mine’s bigger than yours, but is he man enough to prove it? On January 2nd at 7:49PM, President Trump sought to suggest that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un suffered from button envy when he taunted the chubby, despotic dictator with the following tweet.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

Donald J. Trump – Twitter 1/2/18 7:49PM


Now far be it from me to tell anyone to tone it down on the internet. I am a bit of a loudmouth also, so I get it. But I am also just a wordsmith and cook from Vermont. Beyond spinning a literary yarn for the politically minded, I think we can all agree I have very little influence. Not the same for Trump and Un.

And to be fair, maybe Kim Jong Un’s button indeed, does not work (I wonder if they make a pill for that). But more than anything, I hope President Trump knows whether or not it works because much like “Rocket Man”s” button, Trump’s button is paid for with tax dollars – so it damn well better be the bigger button! (For our sake!)

Public Domain Image -Wikipedia

In an effort to kick muh drug war back into late 80’s mode, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded one of two decent efforts of the Obama Administration (the other being that President Obama spoke against breed-specific legislation)… the Cole Memo.

Ignoring my continued confusion as to how an old-timey, southern conservative is actually going against states rights, I am actually not freaking out over this like some…here’s why!

It is jumpstarting the discussion: for the first time in my life, people really are talking about how maybe we should just deschedule marijuana.

What a novel idea! Let states decide their own drug policy. (Now if only we could get states rights on immigration – let border states decide! But that is for another column.)

The “F-U Trump” Crowd is fast-tracking full legalization in Vermont: now let me be clear, that is only my opinion. I haven’t had the time to fully research the bill. That said, I find it … how shall I say, puzzling!

Puzzling indeed that all of a sudden Governor Scott is (supposedly) now ready to sign the bill in its current wording if the Vermont Senate passes it next week. I find it puzzling because (from what I’ve heard) the only real difference is that while possession will be legal, commercial sales of it will not.

Look, I get it. Jeff Sessions sucks. But the backlash from this could be swift. What if the bill co-sponsored by Justin Amash to deschedule marijuana actually went through? Remember, if the AG’s in your particular state are already on board with legalization at the state level, I would say you got nothing to worry about. Toke up my friend!

Two days after President Trump’s button-itis tweet, he was at it again with the NFL. Now I have already made my position clear on this whole thing. I am not even against those that are straight-up burning the American flag (not being against them doing it, doesn’t mean I support it either…apparently you got to say that nowadays) So in that same train of thought, how could I endorse some sort of condemnation on someone who simply kneeled for our flag rather than put his hand over his heart?

It’s not like these players are posting pictures of them burning or stomping the flag.

And another point to made on this actually; why should the government be determining the type of ritual one must adhere to for showing respect to the flag?

I’d say kneeling is just as admirable a sign of respect as placing your hand over your heart… but hey, just my opinion. If you are into podcasts, Dave England’s Shocking Today podcast from Friday, January 5th features a brief discussion about this between myself, England and Melyssa Donaghy. (Check it out!)

And finally, the moment you have all (well.. some of you anyway) been waiting for; The Jenna Jameson Twitter-Spat.

While I would certainly never deny that I end up in my fair share of Twitter and Facebook political debates, I would say that I generally tend to lean towards civility…usually. Unfortunately, this was NOT one of those cases.

I was watching a bunch of Ben Shapiro videos on YouTube. I liked a lot of his stuff regarding the general inefficiency of government intervention in people’s lives and about his back-and-forth’s with Austin Petersen about a libertarian-conservative alliance. But I have heard that tired, old plan before. Conservatives have called on us to join with them to defeat the Democrats and far-Left that are destroying America (we also discuss that on Shocking Today) for a long time now, but they never seem willing to compromise towards our demands. So I am always skeptical when I hear this proposed again like it is going to work… and Shapiro doesn’t help that feeling for me.

In one of the video’s he even said the first thing that libertarians need to do is stop with the anti-religious stuff.

Now there are certainly some atheists in the movement who are disrespectful, but to insinuate that they represent anything more than a small cadre of nihilistic, college drop-out malcontents trolling from mommy’s basement is at the very least, misleading and simplistic. And that’s when I noticed something else…

Anytime the subject of Israel came up, he was quick to flesh out any current opposition (in America) to the will of Israel and denounce it as anti-Semitic. And in many cases (the alt-right) he is 100% correct. But simply denouncing any call for a decrease in our presence in the region is not anti-Semitic, it is smart.

In any event, I decided to look at some of Shapiro’s newest tweets. Since a lot of his tweets are actually just retweets, I went to the Twitter page of one of his biggest fan’s; retired porn legend, Jenna Jameson.

I went through and didn’t find anything appealing for the article I now decided to write, but as I was getting ready to click off Ms (or possibly Mrs. now) Jameson’s Twitter page I noticed a particularly angry tweet.


It was her quoting another young man who had lumped her in with conservative Christians without identifying her as Jewish. Fair enough I thought. Again, got ready to leave her page when all of a sudden I thought to myself didn’t she have some tweet screeching about being Jewish the last time I was here? So I checked… almost every day she tweets something about being Jewish.

Okay, so she is proud of being Jewish. I am proud of being a libertarian… fuck it!

But wait, I thought to myself. After this kid admitted that he knew she was Jewish but that her views should have her lumped in with other Christians, she actually said she would RATHER be lumped in with them. (My guess was the kid was trying to insinuate that Ms/Mrs Jameson was no different than a Jeff Sessions style southern conservative… but that is just me.)

In any event, I noticed her tweets were just mostly self-promoting, egotistical nonsense so I thought I would leave a response. I thought my followers would get a kick out of it and maybe share it for the witty, sarcastic and snarky tweet that it was meant to be. I honestly didn’t think Ms/Mrs Jameson would even read it… let alone respond.

But respond she did. After I told her that anyone that has ever visited her Twitter knows she is Jewish because she literally tweets about it EVERY DAY (almost every day at least) and telling her that it reminded me of vegans who MUST tell you that they are vegan, that she only targets moronic leftists who have shit to say and that she should try debating Ron Paul, she said this …


Well if you liberals with IQs equivalent to wet bread would stop bringing up my religion, I wouldn’t have to remind you of it everyday. Jenna Jameson on Twitter 1/3/18 7:07 PM

Now if there wasn’t a terrible misunderstanding of political terms in America, I wouldn’t have gone further with this. I would have laughed that Jenna Jameson apparently thinks Ron Paul is a liberal or just didn’t read the whole tweet – and in either case is just dumb – and moved on with my day.

But that terrible misunderstanding is a reality, and the word liberal in the eyes of many, means leftist and I was NOT about to be associated with the left.

So I responded back with a beatifully deliverd tweet, stating how my reference to Ron Paul must have gone over her head, and moved on to her followers – who were already tweeting their own idiocy about me being some sort of left winger. After posting screen shots to almost all of the tweets of back-and-forth with Ms/Mrs Jameson, I finished my article and went to bed.


Again, I probably would have left it there had it not been for what happened next. Some site described as a twitter aggregate site called Twitchy wrote an article (if that is what you want to call it) that again, featured my tweet in reference to “crying SJW man-babies” …



No! That was it for me.

I posted those damn screen shots of the four tweet Twitter war between myself and Ms/Mrs Jameson and then responded to just about EVERY idiot on that page, making sure they knew I was a libertarian. It actually got to a point where I had a headache and had to lay down.

Some Twitter followers hit me up to tell me about the article, but I obviously already knew. So I went to check and see if Ms/Mrs Jameson had retweeted the article as well… I will never know because she blocked me. I laughed and made some coffee.

Now look, you can accuse me of trolling her or taking her too seriously but here is the reality… Jenna Jameson is way more famous than I am, and I have done a good job of establishing myself as a firm libertarian who is dedicated to the cause of ending leftism….

I don’t need famous porn stars making me out to be a leftist!!!

And you can try and defend her by saying she didn’t specifically call you a leftist, and libertarians often are “classical” liberals, but let’s face facts here guys – most American’s do not know what classical liberal means and simply think liberal equals leftist.

I totally respect that she is proud of her Jewish identity, and if she simply had called me a douchebag for my tweet – again – I would have laughed.

But she didn’t. She made me out to be something I am not after someone had just done that to her. So I call hypocrite to any of my detractors.

So that is it for this, the first week of the new year. I squashed a D-list celebrity in a four tweet socio-political shenanigan, then got blocked. Yay! Blocked by my first celeb. (Hopefully Trump is next.)

I hope to be back every week, Sunday’s at 6 PM with my take on the weeks events.

Until next time TLV readers, live free!

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