New Poll Finds That 71% of Millennials Want a Third Political Party


Most people would agree that there needs to be a change in our political system. Every election cycle we all complain that the choices we have for President are not to our satisfaction, but in the end, nobody does anything about it and votes for the lesser of two evils.

A recent NBC poll found that there could be a change coming in our political future. 71% of millennials polled said they want a third major political party.


A strong majority of millennials — 71 percent — say the Republican and Democratic parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed, according to the results of a new NBC News/GenForward poll.

The problem we experience is that Americans say stuff like this but when they go to the ballot box they don’t follow through. There is too much pressure to vote for the two major parties from the media and people across this country that have a hard time thinking for themselves. However, the millennial generation is different. They tend to think and act for themselves so just maybe a change is coming.

The Libertarian Party would benefit greatly from a poll like this one since they are the largest third party and nearly have 50 state ballot access. Now only time will tell if they capture this apparent movement and push forward in winning elections.

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