12 Libertarians Wins 2017 Elections


The year after a presidential election is usually a quiet time for politics with few people even feigning interest in getting out to vote on their city and state legislator who either became a part of the newly elected president’s administration or live in one of the few states with odd numbered election years.

While many libertarians would have been complacent and ignore politics until 2018, some ran for office and as a result, the party has 12 new local offices under their belt. There were also many candidates who did not win, but garnered a high percentage of votes.

“Running for office as a Libertarian is nothing short of heroes work. Libertarian candidates go into it knowing that it is an uphill battle, that the cards are stacked against us, but they do it anyway. They do it to give voters a choice. They do it to give liberty a voice. And they do it to help build our party.

And sometimes, despite the odds, they win,” stated Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict.

Congratulations to all those who were elected!


Below are those libertarians who won their respective elections:

— Jim Turney – Altamonte Springs City Commission – Florida

— Greg Perry – Rome Township Auditor – Pennsylvania

— Jennifer Moore – Auditor of Upper Providence in Montgomery County – Pennsylvania

— James Fryman – Victory Township Supervisor in Venango County – Pennsylvania

— Demo Agoris – Houston Borough Council in Washington County – Pennsylvania

— Jerry Geleff – Exeter Township School Director in Berks County – Pennsylvania

— Jason Aucker – Spring Township Auditor in Snyder County – Pennsylvania

— Zachary Elliott (on the left in photo below) – Coconut Grove Village Council – Florida

— Kevin Cline – Long Beach City Council – Washington

— Christopher Nance – Carthage Town Commission – North Carolina

— Eleanor Russell – Houston Borough Judge of Elections – Pennsylvania

— Jake Towne – Lower Nazareth Auditor and Judge of Elections – Pennsylvania

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