Libertarian Party

Gary Johnson Will Not Run In 2020

The deadline for 2018 mid-term elections has yet to pass and many libertarians are still discussing who will be the presidential nominee in 2020.

survey taken by the Jack News suggests that the three front runners will be Bill Weld, Justin Amash and Larry Sharpe. Other names being considered by Libertarians include Austin Petersen and Jesse Ventura.  

While it’s way too early to speculate and some of the people mentioned are currently working on their own political campaigns for 2018, there’s one thing of which we can be certain: Gary Johnson will not be attempting a 3rd bid for the presidential nominee.

Governor Johnson stated “I don’t aspire to be president of the United States anymore, because Trump holds the office. Politics is just toxic. In Arizona, there’s going to be crazies running for office. That’s because of Trump — crazies are lining up to run. And they’re obsessed with immigration! You know, DACA’s one of the most successful immigration programs of all time and space.”

But this announcement hasn’t halted his involvement in politics, as he is still fighting to have 3rd parties included in the presidential debates and teamed up with Our America Intiative.

Johnson held a rally in October on the steps of the Supreme Court to “Drop the hammer on the two party system” and spread awareness of his lawsuit with the Commission on Presdential Debates.

It’s been a tough fight, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for appeals, hearings, and filings, but today, we are knocking on the door of the Supreme Court of the United States. Our outstanding legal team is prepared for SCOTUS,” stated Johnson in a fundraising pitch.

While Johnson may never be a legislator again, his continued effort at leveling the playing field of politics and to give the Libertarian Party a fighting chance is commendable and admirable.

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