Austin Petersen

Survey Leads Austin Petersen to Declare Potential Opponent As “Most Beatable Democrat”


The Kansas City star reports that a recent survey shows MO Attorney General Josh Hawley ahead of Claire McCaskill by 3%.  No other Republicans were surveyed against McCaskill, but the results suggest that should Austin Petersen defeat Hawley in the primary, he would have a realistic shot at becoming a United States Senator.

Petersen’s biggest hurdle in winning the election will be funding. “[…] Petersen pointed out that there is a large disparity in campaign donations between the two Republican camps. While the average donation to Hawley’s team is around $2,000, an average contribution to Petersen’s campaign operation is only about $50,” reports Western Journalism.

Sen. McCaskill has already raised $3 million for her own campaign, which she notes is a record-breaking amount to have been raised in 3 months. Austin Petersen had raised $214,000 in the same timeframe.

It’s shocking that even with the disparity in funding between the candidates, Missouri voters seem to be favoring a Republican candidate. If Petersen can demonstrate why he would be the best candidate for individual liberty and that Hawley is another handpicked establishment candidate, then the U.S. might have another libertarian in the Senate.

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