The Opioid “Epidemic” is Simply a Symptom of the General Irresponsibility Epidemic


Today, the concept of personal responsibility has been entirely forgotten. People make major decisions with major consequences, always assuming that others will handle the consequences. Those without financial resources make decisions to have kids, one of the largest decisions a person can make. They assume that others will pay the bulk of the costs through irresponsibility subsidies like government schooling.

The decision to have a child is a far larger decision than the decision to try a narcotic. Given that many Americans now believe that having a child is essentially consequence-free, they have the same mentality towards narcotics. Many are shocked when they realize that major decisions often do have major consequences.

Shielding people from the consequences of their actions isn’t doing anyone any favors. It’s simply teaching irresponsibility. It’s normalizing and subsidizing irresponsibility.

Consider the fact that the opiod epidemic is considered a health issue, not a responsibility issue. Irresponsibility fans argue that the fault lies with traffickers, economics, doctors – everyone other than the people who voluntarily make a major decision without considering the consequences. They rarely state the obvious: people made decisions with consequences. Now they are facing those consequences.

Responsibility is a fundamental part of living in a free society. Freedom to make our own decisions is only moral or logical if we take responsibility for them. No one else should be forced to carry the weight of our decisions.

Let’s end this irresponsibility epidemic by ending the culture of irresponsibility. If elected, I will fight to end all welfare, wealth redistribution, and anything else that subsidizes irresponsibility.

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