Libertarianism Is the Philosophy of Peace and Love

This country is currently experiencing a time period of hate and racism that is being spurred by the sitting President. White supremacists are coming out of hiding and claiming that their culture is being hijacked by minorities and political correctness. This thinking is being confirmed in the words of Donald Trump and his thinking. The country is dividing and battle lines are being drawn. The talks of a new Civil War are making headlines and the President is doing nothing about it. The Republicans and Democrats have done nothing over the past 50 years to stop this type of thinking.

However, there is a philosophy that can calm the fears of Americans and stop the hatred and racism that exists in our country.

Libertarianism is a philosophy that promotes the ideals of peace and love. Libertarians are accepting of all types of people because we believe in a simple concept…freedom!

Freedom is the answer to all these problems. When you start rejecting people and their lifestyles then you open the door to fascism and ideals that restrict the free ability of people to live their lives. We are a divided country because we have rejected the principles of Libertarianism. Until we convince people that freedom and liberty and essential to society then we will keep having these types of problems.

The Libertarian philosophy is promotes a new vision for America and the other political philosophies are stuck in the same old dog whistle politics that have always contributed to the hate in this country. They reject Liberty and Freedom and have perpetuated the same bigotry that has always existed in this country.

Join the Libertarian movement and a new kind of country will take shape. This it will be a loving country that sees people the same and wants everyone to Live Free!

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