The One Thing All Sides Currently Agree On; Christopher Cantwell Sucks

While the left, the right and libertarians may have their own disagreements, sometimes more aggressive at times, there is one current opinion circulating in all media spheres, and that is a disdain for Christopher Cantwell.

Cantwell, who the Southern Poverty Law Firm describes as “an unapologetic fascist”, released a video claiming that there is a warrant out for his arrest and insisting that the Unite the Right protesters in Charlottesville tried to keep the rally peaceful. However, these claims in the video are contradicted by news media reporting Cantwell’s carrying weapons in Vice’s report on the violence in Virginia. 

As expected, many left leaning news sites have published articles making fun of the Radical Agenda host for crying in his video and labeling him as a white supremacist.

Here are some of articles:

Look at this Neo-Nazi Snowflake Crying like a Little Baby

White Supremacist Cries After Realizing He Could Be Arrested

Many libertarians dislike Cantwell because of his collectivist views on race, gender and religion while still claiming to be a part of the liberty movement.

The Libertarian Party National Committee Executive Director, Wes Benedict, recently released a statement condemning white nationalism and urging that “If there are white nationalists who – inappropriately- are members of the Libertarian Party, I ask them to submit their resignations.”

Even Conservatives like Brexit champion Nigel Farage and InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson have made statements on social media against the Alt-right members. Before Charlottesville, however, many conservatives also despise him for his views on celebrating the deaths of policemen. 

So while the entirety of the political spectrum may be divided on key issues, it seems there’s one thing we can all get behind and that’s that nobody likes Christopher Cantwell.

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  1. “it seems there’s one thing we can all get behind and that’s that nobody likes Christopher Cantwell.”

    So what if you don’t like Christopher Cantwell? As Stefan Molyneux would say “That is not an argument”. I’d love to read more articles about how Christopher Cantwell is wrong because XXX. Cantwell himself asks his opponents to call him on his show. I don’t hear any calls. The day they, them, those that think that Christopher Cantwell sucks start addressing the issues that Cantwell makes has yet to arrive.

    I look forward to the next article Comic Dave Smith makes as he is willing to talk with Cantwell not simply call him names from well within a safe hideyhole.



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